Technology Support & Programming Services


The Technology Support and Programming Services (TSP) unit of the Office of Information Technology serves the campus community by developing, implementing and supporting computing and information technology that enhances productivity and advances the educational experience of those who use the institution's technology resources.

Where does TSP fit into UVU's organizational structure?


David Tobler, Senior Director
Technology Support Services

Office: 801.863.8948
Walk-in: BA-004q, Basement of the Administration Building

Denise Vandevanter, Director
Administrative Programming Services

Office: 801.863.7955
Walk-in: BA-004U, Basement of the Administration Building

Bobby Lott, Director
Service Desk

Office: 801.863.7020
Walk-in: BA-008b, Basement of the Administration Building

Nathan Gerber, Director
Web Development Services

Office: 801.863.7973
Walk-in: LC-221e, Losee Center

Darel Hawkins, Director
Student Computing

Office: 801.863.7030
Walk-in: LA-003v, Basement of the Liberal Arts Building

John Berry, Director
Desktop Support

Office: 801.863.7537
Walk-in: BA-007a, Basement of the Administration Building

Mike Duffin, Director
Automation & Integration Services

Office: 801.863.8039
Walk-in: BA-005q, Basement of the Administration Building