Google Talk

To use Google Video Conferencing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Install video chat plug-in":

  3. Follow instructions and install software
  4. Make sure your microphone and camera are attached and installed
  5. Go into a Gmail account
  6. Under Chat, click on "Add contact":

    Add Contact
  7. Add email address of person who you want to video chat with
  8. Under Chat – select "Options" – then select "Chat Settings"

  9. Click on "Verify your settings"

  10. You can make sure that your mike and video are working:

  11. Under Chat – mouse over the person you want to video chat with
  12. Select "Video & more" and then “invite” the person to video chat:

    Start Video Chat
  13. Select "full screen" to move the video conferencing to full screen
Google Talk