Video Conferencing with Google+ Hangouts

Once you have begun a video conference with Google+ Hangouts, there are various options in the chat window:

Hangout Screen

  1. Invite People - Allows you to send additional invites once a Hangout has been started.
  2. Chat - Opens a chat window on the right of the screen
  3. Screenshare - Allows you to share your screen or windows with the hangout
  4. Youtube - Loads a YouTube feed to share videos with the hangout. Microphones will be muted as the videos play.
  5. Google Effects - Opens a list of sound and visual effects available to play and show.
  6. Google Drive - Allows you to access and share documents in your Google Drive
  7. View More apps - If there are any other apps that you have installed through (8)Add apps, they will show up in a slide out menu.
  8. Add apps - Provides a list of Hangout Apps that are available for download.
  9. Microphone on/off - Toggles your microphone on or off
  10. Camera on/off - Toggles your webcam on or off
  11. Settings - Allows you to choose and set up devices for video, microphone, and audio as well as select a fast or slow connection speed.
  12. Exit

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