Cisco Jabber Settings

Jabber Settings
The settings for Jabber can be adjusted by clicking on the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner of the Jabber window. There are four options for changing settings:

Settings
settings provide options for when the Jabber application starts.

Bandwidth Settings
Bandwidth settings allow you to change the resolution, or video quality, for your video conferencing. Too high of a bandwidth may over-run your connection Too low will look grainy or pixelated. The default (shown) is good for most DSL lines.

Audio Settings
Audio settings allow you to control which devices, such as speakers and microphone, are being used by Jabber.

Video Settings
Video settings allow for changes to the video camera being used. A preview screen is provided for camera positioning.

Notification Settings
Notification settings allow you to change when and how you are notified by Jabber.