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2018-2019 Best Design Winners

First Place

Elizabeth Fawcett
Ethics for Family Interventions

Second Place

Fern Caka
Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences

Third Place

Heather Wilson-Ashworth
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology

2018-2019 Best Delivery Winners

First Place

Anton Tolman
Abnormal Psychology

Second Place

Paige Gardiner
Marketing with Social Media

Third Place

Rachel Messenger
Written Business Communication

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Flexible Learning Council

UVU Online is governed by the cross-functional Flexible Learning Council (FLC) which enables strong collaboration across all levels of academic affairs, student affairs, and planning/budget/HR/IT. Established in 2019, the FLC provides quality oversight and operational decision-making related to flexible delivery of the academic curriculum.

Mission of the Flexible Learning Council

Innovate the delivery of the academic curriculum to anytime, anyplace, anyhow, and any pace.