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Why UVU Online?

With more than 80% of UVU students employed, nearly 40% married or in a partnership, and 17% supporting at least one child, flexibility in course scheduling is an important aspect of student success. Online courses provide flexibility, enable students to take a fuller schedule at significantly higher rates, and when mixed with face-to-face courses, lead to slightly improved persistence rates for UVU’s existing undergraduate base.

As a part of UVU’s Vision 2030, in addition to providing flexible course options, UVU will comprehensively deliver certified online programs. To advance this initiative, UVU has created UVU Online, a department focused on the following objectives:

  • Develop the UVU Online brand.
  • Promote quality certified online courses and programs.
  • Promote an exceptional student experience for online learners.
  • Leverage existing UVU technology, processes and systems to make quality online education accessible and attainable.


Comprehensively delivered certified online programs will help UVU deliver upon the expectations and needs of online learners. They will help us identify, develop, and deliver a unique value proposition in the online marketplace while preserving our identity as an institution that delivers exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

Meet the UVU Online Staff

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