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You're in good company.

You previously attended UVU, but for family, financial, personal reasons or other commitments, you had to put your education on hold.
80 percent of UVU students are employed, and many of your peers are going through similar challenges you face. It can feel overwhelming, and sometimes it's necessary to take a break. When you are ready, UVU will be there to welcome you back.

Our support teams and faculty are here to help you succeed, and you can do it from your own home.

Returning Wolverine Story

"I received my Associates Degree in Behavioral Science in 2004 but decided to "take a break". I didn't expect the break to take 14 years. As time went on and life seemed to get busier with each passing day, it seemed I may never return to school.

In 2015 our lives changed forever. I was forced to work four jobs to pay the bills. We determined that I needed to go back to work full-time and get an education. I have learned many significant things since returning back to UVU to complete my education. One of the most important realizations was that I can do anything I set my mind to if I try hard enough.

Many of the education topics do not come easily to me but if I stay consistent and make time to practice the things that I struggle with, I know I can get through them. Online learning can be really fun and enjoyable. I love navigating through each module and diving into the readings and concepts within to better understand the topics. While it is sometimes difficult to stay on task...I have found it to be the best way for me to obtain my education with my crazy, busy lifestyle."

-Jen Lewis, Student - Returning Wolverine

Ready to Return? There’s Always a Place for You at UVU.


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