Dr. Jeff Peterson

Modern organizational life is complex and being able to navigate the complexities of peoples’ behaviors, organizational policies, politics and culture is a skill set that employees and especially managers need to be successful. The Organizational Leadership Department houses three major programs and a variety of courses related to life inside of organizations. 

Our Human Resource Management (HRM) program helps students gain a competitive advantage in the job market through the practical acquisition of knowledge, skills, and professional connections in the HRM field. Our students leave our program having developed the experiences and abilities to make an instantaneous impact on the strategic goals in their prospective employers. 

Our Hospitality Management Program prepares students to be leaders in the fast-growing area of hospitality, event planning, and tourism. Again, our students get hands-on experience and access to knowledge, software, and key industry people that make them highly desirable to the many employers in the area and the nation. 

Our Legal Studies Program prepares students to take positions in the legal field, working with lawyers and law firms. Students learn essential skills to allow them to assist legal professionals as they represent their clients. 

Our courses in Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Business Ethics allow students from a wide variety of majors to learn the skills that they need to take on leadership and management roles and do so with expertise and understanding of sound principles, not just intuition or the latest management fads. 

All of our faculty represent the highest in commitment to student success, engaged learning, and continuous improvement. Please explore the options that exist for students in the Organizational Leadership Department. 

Jeff Peterson, Ph.D. 
Chair, Organizational Leadership

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