What is the Hospitality Industry?

The program at Utah Valley University is designed to provide a foundation of management skills that can be applied to a diverse range of careers in the hospitality and event planning industry. The program offers students flexibility in course offerings with a full range of in-class or online options. We also offer individualized academic and career counseling, course tutoring, practical experience internships, and post-graduation job placement.

Creativity and innovation are important components of this area of study and our students are put in courses and work experiences that allow them a safe place to develop these attributes.

Where Can I work?

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Events
  • Event Planning
  • Country Clubs
  • Amusement Parks
  • Cruise Ships

How Can I Specialize?

Event Planning

Management Courses designed to prepare students for the growing corporate event planning job market. Students are also prepared for employment of entrepreneurial opportunities in party and wedding planning or in catering.


Strengthens skills in areas such as operations, finance, and marketing as you design a career path to the highest levels of management in all hospitality related sectors.

Revenue Management

Learn a highly sought for skill in revenue optimization. Take a specially designed combination of accounting, marketing, economics, and operations courses.

Culinary Arts

This track allows Culinary Arts AAS graduates a path to a Bachelor Degree with 2 more years of study. Students graduate with the management and culinary skills to open their own food service operations or compete for executive chef positions.


The HM program partners with the successful Sales program in the Marketing Department to create this specialty in sales and marketing. This specialization is in constant demand for the high paying and rewarding sales positions required at all hospitality venues.