Jumpstart Orientation

A comprehensive, partial-day event that will help you connect meaningfully to UVU's academic and social environment.

All first-time freshmen 21 years of age and younger who have completed online orientation will be assigned a Jumpstart date to attend.

Jumpstart Orientation will last approximately 5.5 hours


1. Check your myUVU email

Your Jumpstart date along with instructions will be emailed to your myUVU email.

myUVU Email

2. Jumpstart sign-up form

The email will contain a link to an online sign-up form.

Click on the link in the email and complete the sign-up form.


3. Register for classes

Your orientation hold will be temporarily delayed until your assigned Jumpstart date. This allows you to register for classes (as long as you have also obtained your advisor clearance if required). Please allow up to one full business day for your hold to be deferred.

Do you live out-of-state?

If you live out-of-state, please contact our office at 801-863-5491 (or orientation@uvu.edu) for assistance in signing-up for a Jumpstart date that corresponds with your arrival date to the Orem area .

You must attend Jumpstart as scheduled for your registration hold to be permanently removed.

Preparing for Jumpstart

Here are some plan-ahead tips to help you have an enjoyable and productive campus visit:

1. Invite your parents or family to attend Jumpstart with you

We have a break-out session at Jumpstart just for parents and family members that will help them understand the value of what you're doing and how to help you succeed. Limit of 2 guests per student. Please indicate the number of guests on the online registration form under "guests."

2. Be comfortable and presentable

Jumpstart includes a campus tour, so comfortable clothing and footwear is a must. The tour also provides the opportunity for you to get your UVID photo while you're here for Jumpstart (so take whatever steps you need to have a good hair day!).

3. Bring a government issued ID

If you plan to get your UVID photo taken on Jumpstart day (recommended), make sure you bring proof of identity.

4. Know where you're headed and plan to be here on time

Orientation is usually held in the UCCU Event Center (EC) or the Sorensen Student Center (SC). A few days before your assigned Jumpstart event you will receive a confirmation email with specific event location and parking instructions (sent to your myUVU email account). Check for that email! 


By Air

Students can fly directly into the Provo airport (Allegiant Air) or into the nearby international airport in Salt Lake City. Transport to UVU campus can be arranged via shuttle systems, UTA, Trax and Frontrunner.

UTA / Trax / Frontrunner

UVU is easily reached by way of public transportation. To plan your trip we suggest using UTA's Trip Planner. For the destination use Landmark Type: Colleges and Landmark: UVU Roundabout.


Depending on your home location, you may need to arrive the day before your scheduled orientation session. There are a variety of accomodations near UVU's campus

Your Jumpstart Day

We're really looking forward to seeing you at Jumpstart! Here's our final advice to help you have a great experience:

Jumpstart Agenda

The Jumpstart event will last approximately 5-6 hours.  All of the information in Jumpstart is valuable for new freshmen, so, you must attend the entire event in order for your orientation hold to be permanently removed.

Obtaining Your Campus I.D. Photo

Jumpstart Orientation is the only time that new students can obtain their UVID card without providing proof of their course schedule, so we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to have your UVID photo taken at Jumpstart. You'll receive instructions at the event on how to take your photo (most students will also be able to obtain their completed ID card, although this is not guaranteed).

Get to Know Your Orientation Leaders!

As part of the Jumpstart agenda, you'll be assigned to a group with a UVU Student Orientation Leader (OL). We encourage you to get to know your OL and take their advice. They are successful UVU students who have some true student wisdom to share.