About the Office of Teaching and Learning


The current Office of Teaching and Learning is a combination of the Distance Education department and the Faculty Center of Teaching Excellence. The two were combined to form a single office in November 2014. This reorganization is intended to strengthen ties between technology and pedagogy, simplify faculty development, and encourage closer partnerships with schools and colleges.

Mission statement

Our mission is to enable the enhancement of learning and teaching practice through high quality course design, meaningful faculty development, and technical support for learning technology.

Values statement

  • Student success is at the heart of our mission. We help to improve the student experience by enhancing teaching and learning.
  • Our approach to course design supports inclusivity. By developing high quality courses for engaged, flexible learning, we help UVU reach more and diverse groups of students.
  • We are serious about faculty development and course design. Our approaches to professional development and course design are rigorous because they are underpinned by research and best practice.
  • Engaging with faculty and students for the purposes of enhancing learning and teaching is central to our success.

Vision statement

Our vision is to be the recognized center of excellence for enhancing teaching and learning across the University.

Philosophy statement

We believe that the enhancement of teaching and learning is supported by three key approaches.

  1. Being data-driven: recognizing an opportunity for continuous improvement through data analysis and other channels of feedback and evaluation.
  2. Being needs-based: recognizing opportunities for improvement through understanding the needs and experiences of faculty and students.
  3. Being futures-thinking: recognizing opportunities for improvement through harnessing new ideas (from any sector) and evaluating their use within learning and teaching contexts.