7 Commitment to Effective Teaching at UVU

Commitment 1: We care about the success of our students.

We nurture mutual respect, equity, and empathy within our student groups. We focus on supporting students’ academic, professional, and personal goals for learning

Commitment 2: We are experts in our subject areas.

We remain up-to-date in our respective disciplines and work toward becoming a scholar of our own pedagogy. We engage in faculty development to enhance our teaching praxis.

Commitment 3: We share a passion for our subject with our students.

We are enthusiastic about our subject area and promote a love of learning through our approach to teaching.

Commitment 4: We work to understand our students as learners and knowers.

We use learner-centered approaches to teaching by meeting our students where they are and helping them to develop as knowers.

Commitment 5: We design learning to promote engagement and success.

We create learning environments that are highly engaging and that promote the authentic application of concepts.

Commitment 6: We promote epistemological development. 

We promote inquiry, discovery, and critical thinking as a way for students to develop more sophisticated ways of understanding knowledge.

Commitment 7: We transform lives.

Through our teaching practice, we nurture students’ commitment to values, lifelong learning, and to being a positive force within our society.

 (Alden-Rivers and Morris, 2016)

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