Faculty Resources

Academic Services

Academic Advising

Advisors help in picking classes and guiding student through the registration process. Students should meet with their academic advisor every semester to make sure they are on track to graduate. Faculty should encourage students to meet with their advisors regularly.
Find your advisor
UVU Academic Advising
Career and Advising Center LC 402
(801) 863-8425
E-mail: acadcounseling@uvu.edu

Academic Standards

The Academic Standards Office can help you access and utilize resources that will enable you to succeed academically.
Academic Standards Office
Room LC 404
(801) 863-5325
E-mail: academicstandards@uvu.edu

Academic Tutoring

During the first few weeks of the semester, Academic Tutoring staff make an effort to visit each section of courses that they work with to inform students of their free services. Their lab coordinators will make an effort to contact each professor to arrange times for these visits.
Academic Tutoring
Room LA 201
(801) 863-5376
E-mail: tutoring@uvu.edu

Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Department serves Utah Valley University students and the community by providing access to the campus and curriculum for Individuals with disabilities, they provide a variety of services, software and equipment for students with a wide range of disabilities. Faculty can contact Accessibilities Services, to make their classes more accessible for students. 
Accessibility Services 
Room LC 312 
(801) 863-8747 
E-mail: asd@uvu.edu

Campus Store

The Campus Store carries all the books that professors request for their classes. The Campus Store also offers “Bookmatch” which will provide students with a list of the textbooks required for their courses. The Faculty Center Network is a resource for faculty to review college-level textbooks and make informed decisions about textbook adoption. Audience response system clickers are available for faculty to use within their classrooms and may be ordered through the UVU Campus Store. The Campus Store can create bundles or packets of materials, supplies, and products that are required for individual courses.
UVU Campus Store
Room SC 102
(801) 863-8641
E-mail: campusstore@uvu.edu


Canvas is the official Learning Management System for Utah Valley University. Students use Canvas to access course syllabi, assignment requirements, important class announcements, and much more. Canvas is the place to submit assignments, take quizzes, and discuss important topics with classmates. Faculty can use Canvas to cross-list courses, add people to courses, manage grades, and develop courses.
(801) 863-8255
E-mail: canvas_support@uvu.edu

Center for Social Impact

The Center for Social Impact helps students BE THE CHANGE they want to see in the world by volunteering, leading others, and building awareness about social issues in our community. 
Center for Social Impact 
Room SC 105 
(801) 863-8786 
E-mail: socialimpact@uvu.edu

Learning Strategies Support

Learning Strategies Support can help you with time management, test anxiety, test-taking skills, note-taking skills and reading textbooks.
Learning Strategies Support
Room LC 404G 
(801) 863-7418
E-mail: pat.nelson@uvu.edu

Office of Teaching and Learning (Online & Hybrid Classes)

For Utah Valley University’s distance students, the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) provides exam proctoring services so that they can take their tests outside of the University. The OTL also provides canvas support and technical support for online courses. Professors that teach distance education classes should refer their students to the OTL for all exam proctoring. Faculty can also receive online and canvas support from the Office of Teaching and Learning.
Office of Teaching and Learning
(801) 863-8255
E-mail: canvas_support@uvu.edu


The UVU ombudsmen are familiar with campus policies and students’ rights and responsibilities. The ombudsmen can help you find useful options within these guidelines if misunderstandings or disagreements needing resolution occur. Ombudsmen services are free to UVU students.
UVU Ombudsman Office
Room SL 212B
(801) 863-7237
E-mail: Talatoua@uvu.edu

Testing Center

Students will use the Classroom Testing Center (CTC) to take exams as needed. The testing Center also offers accuplacer, ACT, SAT, LSAT, GED, POST, and MPRE tests to students and the surrounding community. Professors that assign exams in the testing center should make sure their students understand where and how the CTC operates.

Distance Education courses, hybrid courses and large section courses (greater than 100 students) have first priority over other courses. There is a 5 exams/quizzes/finals limit an instructor can give per course in the testing center. Please view the testing services website for more information.
Room WS 101 (northwest corner of campus, 1165 W 800 S)
(801) 863-8269
E-mail: testingservices@uvu.edu

Copyright for Faculty

Copyright is a complex issue that faculty need to take into consideration. Faculty should be aware of their rights and how to avoid copyright violations. More information can be found at copyright website or from the documents below provided by UVU's copyright committee: 

General Information

Academic Calendar 

You can find the current and future academic calendar at this website. 

Academic Calendar

Campus Map

Campus maps provide direction around the main campus as well as the multiply campuses around Utah county.
Campus Maps


The Utah Valley University Police Department (UVUPD) is charged with protecting your safety and property on our Orem campus.
UVU Police
Room GT 331
(801) 863-5555
E-mail: uvucampuspd@uvu.edu

Health Services

Medical Services

Medical Services provides various basic medical services, testing, and procedures for students on campus. No insurance is required. Faculty that notice a student that is suffering should refer them to the Student Health Center for help.
Medical Services
Room SC 221
(801) 863-8876

Mental Therapy

Psychological Services provides assessment and treatment for a variety of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, grief, substance abuse, and relationship issues. They offer therapy in a number of formats including: individual therapy, group therapy, and couple’s therapy. Faculty that notice a student that is suffering should refer them to the Student Health Center for help.
Student Health
Room SC 221
(801) 863-8876

Student Health Services

Student Health Services has a staff united in the goal of serving students in a caring and competent manner. We have low cost and available service for UVU students in the areas of medical and psychiatric care, psychological services, learning disability assessment services, and suicide awareness and prevention. We offer life and health enhancing services that increase safety, productivity and life experience of the individual and the campus.
Student Health Services
Room SC 221
(801) 863-8876

Suicide Prevention

Through the Student Health Services UVU offers resources and awareness for suicide prevention. Students are able to make appointments with trained professional to help them through any of the hard times they may be facing.
Suicide Prevention
Room SC 221
(801) 863-8876

Wellness Programs

The mission of the Wellness Program is to promote habits of health and wellness in the lives of students and employees at Utah Valley University. They strive to provide educational and comprehensive programs and services that address the six dimensions of health and support students and employees in their pursuit of lifelong wellness.
Wellness Programs
Room SL 211
(801) 863-5553
E-mail: uvuwellnessprograms@uvu.edu


Business Lab

Business tutors offer support for Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Finance, and Information Management courses. Professors can refer students to the Business lab if they are in need of more help.
Academic Tutoring
Room WB 111
Open: M-TH 8 AM to 8 PM, Fri 8 AM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 3 PM
Summer: M-TH 9 AM to 6 PM, Fri 10 AM to 3 PM, Sat 10 AM to 3 PM

Computer Science & Information Systems Lab

T & C tutors offer support for Computer Science (CS), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Information Systems and Technology (INFO), Information Technology (IT) courses. Faculty should encourage students to seek extra help when they need it.
Academic Tutoring
Room CS 612
Open: M-TH 8 AM to 8 PM, Fri 8 AM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 3 PM
Summer: M-TH 12 PM to 7 PM, Fri 12 PM to 5 PM

Developmental Math Computer Classroom Lab

Tutors and computers are available for helping students who are doing homework on MyMathLab up through College Algebra. The Math Lab is available to help any student who is needing help, faculty should make their students aware of these services.
Math Lab
Room LA 004
Open Fall: M-TH 2 PM to 4 PM, Fri 11 AM to 1 PM

Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology Lab

Help is available to any students in the Electrical Automation and Robotics program. Faculty should encourage students to use the lab when they need help.
Academic Tutoring
Room CS 517
Open: Mon, Wed, Fri 11 AM to 1 PM and T, TH 12 PM to 1 PM
Wed, TH evenings 6 PM to 8 PM
Contact Rachel (801-863-5618 or rmoyes@uvu.edu) with questions.

Language Lab

Students taking any foreign language class have access to the language lab to improve their skills and gain better understanding of the material. Faculty should make sure that their students are aware of the resources available in the Language Lab and urge them to use them.
Language Lab
Room LA 003G
(801) 863-7257
Open: Mon 8 AM to 7 PM, T-TH 8 AM to 9 PM, Fri 8 AM to 7 PM, Sat 9 AM to 2 PM

Math Lab

The main location for math tutoring is conveniently located in the Liberal Arts building, near most math classes. Drop-in, individual, and online tutoring take place in the Math Lab. Tutors are available for all math classes through Calculus 3 (MAT 920 - MATH 2210), including statistics. Struggling student should be urged to visit the Math Lab regularly.
Math Lab
Room LA 201
(801) 863-8310
Open: Fall: M-TH 8 AM to 8 PM, Fri 8 AM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 3 PM
Summer: M-TH 9 AM to 7 PM, Fri 9 AM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 2 PM

Pre-Engineering & Digital Media Lab

Pre-engineering and Digital Media tutors are available to support respective courses. Math tutoring is also available on a limited basis. Faculty should encourage the use of the Lab.
Academic Tutoring
Room CS 612
Open: M-TH 10 AM to 4 PM, Fri 10 AM to 4 PM, Sat 12 PM to 3 PM

Science & Health Lab

Science tutors offer support for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Zoology courses. Faculty should encourage struggling students to take advantage of the Science Lab.
Academic Tutoring
Room LA 201
Open: M-TH 8 AM to 8 PM, Fri 8 AM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 2 PM
Summer: M-TH 12 PM to 7 PM, Fri 12 PM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 2 PM

Stats Lab

Our best calculus and statistics tutors are available to serve all calculus, statistics, and, often, upper division math classes. The Calculus & Stats Lab is open fall and spring semesters only. All math professors should urge their students to use the Stats Lab when needed.
Math Lab
Room LC 301
Open: M-Fri 10 AM to 5 PM

Writing Center

The UVU Writing Center provides a space where students of all disciplines may further their understanding of writing principles and enhance their writing skills. This is primarily achieved through one-on-one tutorials focused on specific writing assignments and tailored to the individual student’s needs. Faculty should make students aware that the Writing Center is available to help them.
UVU Writing Center
Room FL 208
Open: M-TH 9 AM to 8 PM, Fri 9 AM to 5 PM, Sat 10 AM to 2 PM
Summer M-TH 9 AM to 7 PM, Fri 9 AM to 3 PM

Library Resources for Faculty

The UVU Library is a vital resource available to all UVU faculty. The Library provides scholarly tools to enhance any academic course and help students develop information literacy. In addition, the Library’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing excellent service to help faculty and students be successful.

  • Book delivery
  • Course reserves (including textbook, video, streaming media and electronic)
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Instruction rooms
  • Media equipment check out
  • Schedule computer lab or library room
  • Scholar's open archive
  • Library Connection - the newsletter for faculty
  • Suggest books for purchase

Please visit the library page for faculty for more information.



Student Retention

Early Alert

Early Alert is a program that allows instructors to identify students who are struggling academically or not attending class regularly. Those students are then contacted by a Retention Mentor from the Office of First-Year Experience ∓ Student Retention so that they can offer timely intervention and resources early enough to help the student pass the course.
Early Alert
(801) 863-4000
E-mail: success@uvu.edu
Contact Rachel (801-863-5618 or rmoyes@uvu.edu) with questions

Student Retention

The Student Retention Department works closely with UVU’s FYE program to ensure that students have all the help and support they need to finish their education. They offer retention mentor who reach out to “at-risk” students to help them find resources and strategies to succeed in their classes. Faculty can send all students that are struggling to the Student Retention Department so that they get the help they need to succeed.
Student Retention
(801) 863-4000
E-mail: success@uvu.edu 

Common Topics for Adjunct Faculty

Pay Calendars

Please visit the Payroll website to see adjunct pay dates. Select the pay adjunct/overload pay calendar for the appropriate semester.

Adjunct Pay Rate

View the 2019-2020 Adjunct & Overload Faculty Rate Table.

Instructions for Final Grades and How to Enter Final Grades on myUVU

For information on how to do final grades and enter final grades in myUVU, please visit the Registration website.

Parking Regulation and Adjunct Professors

Adjuncts are required to apply for an employee parking permit every semester. Adjuncts can register for a new permit online through the Parking Services website. Registration is available three weeks prior to the new semester. For further details, please consult the Parking Services website. UVU doesn't use hanging permits or decals. UVU parking uses a license plate recognition system. You must park in the stall with your license plate facing out. If your license plate isn't facing out, you may receive a warning or a citation from Parking Services.

Official Email for Adjuncts

The university  requires you to use your  UVU email for UVU business. . As part of the UVU community, adjuncts are included in official UVU announcements and messages sent to the UVU email. The UVU email utilizes the Microsoft Outlook application available on both Macs and PCs. Your email can also be accessed online through the Outlook Web App. Your default email address is your UV ID number @uvu.edu. The default address can and should be changed through the Email Identity Management tool.

How to Change an Outlook Email Address

Use the Email Identity Management tool to "personalize your account". Then select "change your email address." Then log into the "email address utility" with you UVID and password. The password is the same your my.uvu.com password. Next select the change button from "outgoing address". Then choose email from provided options. Finally, save changes and logout.

MyUVU Email

myUVU has an email function through gmail, but it is not the same as your official Outlook work email. Please review UVU's guidelines on how to use your UVU email appropriately. The myUVU email is used primarily as student email. If a students contacts you before the class starts, it will be through the myUVU email. myUVU email can be forwarded. To forward the email, click on the email button in the upper right hand corner of myUVU and click on the link at the bottom of the email platform. Enter your preferred email. Many adjuncts forward their myUVU email to their Outlook email.