Certificates Through the Teaching Excellence Program

Certificate of Attendance

These certificates are provided to participants to attend certain events, such as fairs, conferences, symposia, and guest speakers. These events are not shown on the Teaching Excellence Program, and are advertised separately.

Certificates of Participation

These certificates are provided to participants who engage in the development opportunities in the Teaching Excellence Program, and who complete all of the required tasks associated with the activity.

Certificates of Completion

These certificates are provided to participants who gain at least three Certificates of Participation in a particular Pathway.

Why is Certification Important?

Certificates are evidence of intentional and systematic enhancement of one’s practice (which is UVU’s definition of teaching excellence!). Certificates can also be used as evidence toward Rank, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP), as well as evidence toward one’s own professional development, which is often shown on aCV or professional profile.

Certificates FAQs

I’ve attended a guest speaker event. How do I get my Certificate of Attendance?

As you enter an event, staff from the Office of Teaching and Learning will register you as an attendee. This list is then used to create a Certificate of Attendance, which are emailed to all attendees following the event. Please allow for one week for your Certificate to arrive. If you have any questions about where you Certificate is, please email teachinglearning@uvu.edu. 

I’ve attended a workshop. How do I get my Certificate of Participation?

After each workshop (and sometimes during the workshop), your workshop facilitator will ask to you to carry out a short written reflective task, called a Reflective Case Study, which is done on a particular form that will be provided to you. This piece of writing provides evidence of your reflection on practice, and prompts you to consider how you will enhance your future practice using new concepts and approaches. The Reflective Case Study consists of short responses to several reflective prompts. Once you have completed the Reflective Case Study worksheet, you can submit via email to your workshop facilitator, who will review it and provide feedback. If you have provided full and reflective responses, the workshop facilitator will sign off on the Reflective Case Study. This will initiate your Certificate to be prepared and sent to you via email.

I’ve earned four Certificates of Participation. How do I get my Certificate of Completion for the Pathway?

Once you have earned four Certificates of Participation in a particular Pathway, you can claim your Certificate of Completion. To do this, you simply need to email the Office of Teaching and Learning at TeachingLearning@uvu.edu. Certificates of Completion are not issued automatically, and so it is the responsibility of the participant to request these.

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