You are invited to join a team of researchers who are serious about effective high impact teaching practice (HIPs) implementation. UVU offers six HIPs teaching certifications: First Year Seminar; Inclusive, Intercultural, Global Pedagogy; Service Learning; Team-Based Learning; Undergraduate Research; and Writing Enriched through the Office of Teaching and Learning. UVU has joined with the Center for Postsecondary Research to conduct formal research on the student experience within HIPs classrooms and this research has been approved by UVU’s Institutional Review Board. 

Requirements of participation

  • You are certified in the HIPs pedagogy 
  • The course is identified as a HIPs course
  • The HIPs content is a significant aspect of your course
  • You have taught the particular HIP for at least one year
  • Your students recognize that they are participating in a HIP
  • You are willing to take a pre/post survey, potentially participate in a focus group, and survey your students once about ⅔ of the way through the term
  • You are willing to share your results


Purposes of the study

This study is designed to explore the connections between preparation of instructors to teach/support high impact practice (HIPs) courses, implementation success factors including HIPs communities of practice, and student outcomes. The purposes of the study are to:

  • Determine the optimal initial preparation for instructors to teach/support high impact teaching practices
  • Determine effective support structures for faculty communities of practice in each of the six HIPs areas and strategize ways to improve outcomes through meaningful exchange of ideas and best practices
  • In collaboration with the Office of Engaged Learning, close the loop in providing outcomes data to refine teaching practices
  • Through the communities of practice, identify key implementation success factors for each HIP.




We invite you to join the HIPs Quality Team!

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