Teaching Excellence

Welcome to UVU’s Teaching Excellence Program

This web area provides important guidance and resources to support participants as they engage with and gain recognition through the Teaching Excellence Program at UVU.

What Does Teaching Excellence Mean?

UVU is a teaching institution. Students thrive at UVU because they have instructors who are committed to their success. At UVU, teaching excellence is defined as a professional commitment to improve student learning by systematically and intentionally enhancing teaching practice. In other words, teaching excellence is a journey of continuous improvement, in order to provide an outstanding student learning experience.

What is the Teaching Excellence Program?

The Teaching Excellence Program provides development opportunities and recognition for all faculty at UVU. Also, non-academic staff who support student learning, such as administrators, librarians, advisors, instructional designers, faculty developers, teaching assistants, tutors, and researchers may find the Teaching Excellence Program to be a relevant framework to enhance their practice.

How is the Teaching Excellence Program Designed?

The Teaching Excellence Program provides a wide range of development opportunities across seven different Pathways. Each of these Pathways leads to Certification. Within this framework, there are also accredited Routes to Recognition as an Associate Fellow or Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

What is a Development Opportunity?

These development opportunities are usually offered as workshops. However, there are some development opportunities that have different formats. For example, Learning Circles meet seven times per semester for one hour. By hovering over each of the boxes, you can find out more about each development opportunities.

How do I Get Started?

There are three ways to get started with the Teaching Excellence Program: 1) Attend an Introduction to the PSF workshop at the OTL, 2) meet with a faculty coach, or 3) watch a short tutorial called Teaching Excellence Program and HEA Recognition.

How do I Engage with Development Opportunities?

Most development opportunities are workshops that are offered on a regular basis by UVU’s Office of Teaching and Learning. You can view and register for these workshops on the OTL Events page. However, other development opportunities, such as Learning Circles and the Gateway Course Initiative (for example) are advertised separately. If you have any questions about how to engage in a particular development opportunity, feel free to email TeachingLearning@uvu.edu, which the general inbox for the Office of Teaching and Learning.


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