UVU has chosen to contract with Unicheck effective immediately, and exclusively beginning Spring 2019.  

UVU’s TurnItIn contract has been extended through December to allow for a smoother transition to Unicheck.

Unicheck LogoAbout Unicheck

Unicheck’s simple user interface integrates seamlessly into the Canvas plagiarism framework instead of using an LTI tool. Speedgrader is more visible and easier to use with the Unicheck integration in comparison to TurnItIn. Like the TurnItIn integration, the originality scores are available in the Canvas gradebook.


What this means for faculty

    • All faculty currently using TurnItIn will need to prepare to use Unicheck as the plagiarism detection solution for their Spring classes.
    • This means all TurnItIn connections, settings, and student instructions will need to be changed to Unicheck.
    • Faculty can also transition immediately as Unicheck is already turned on in Canvas.
    • It is recommended that instructors download the TurnItIn results for any paper that has a significant score on TurnItIn or is a part of any grade challenge.


There are several resources available to assist in the transition:

The Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) will provide full support to faculty in transitioning their courses to Unicheck with Instructional Design consultations, Lab trainings, and walk-in support.

Using Unicheck Plagiarism Checker in Canvas

Configuring an Assignment for Unicheck

Turnitin Assignment Bulk Download

Turnitin Assignment Originality Download

Converting Assignments from Turnitin to Unicheck