The purpose of the Distance Education Committee is to share responsibility for determining the strategic direction of online course development across schools and colleges. Each school/college DEC has slightly different responsibilities. But each DEC has the following responsibilities:

  1. Recommend online/hybrid course development priorities to the Dean’s office and chairs.
  2. Review online/hybrid courses within the school/college to oversee quality.
  3. Recommend practices and procedures internally within the school/college to maintain or improve quality in the design and delivery of courses.
  4. Stay abreast of trends and practices in online course development and design.

College of Health & Professional Services

  • Dustin Berlin, Assistant Dean
  • Hsiu-Chin (Sunny) Chen, Nursing
  • Matt Duffin, Criminal Justice
  • Sue Jackson, Public and Community and Health
  • Jeff Maxfield, Masters in Public Service (MPS)
  • Gary Noll, Emergency Services
  • Karen Preston, Dental Hygiene
  • Tom Sturtevant, Associate Dean
  • Jack Troutt, Aviation

Support Staff

  • Shawn Edwards, Instructional Support Technologist
  • Janel Mitchell, Instructional Designer
  • Rebecca Rogers, Instructional Designer

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Geoff Cockerham, History
  • Janet Colvin, Associate Dean
  • Nathan Gale, English
  • Phil Gordon, Communication
  • Ron Hammond, Behavioral Science
  • Sara Ulloa, Languages

Support Staff

  • Rebecca Lindsay, Instructional Designer
  • Cassidy Salisbury, Instructional Support Technologist

Woodbury School of Business 

  • Maureen Andrade, Organizational Leadership
  • Ben Cummings, Finance and Economics
  • Paige Gardiner, Marketing
  • Mitch Murdock, Marketing
  • Kevin Rhoads, Strategic Management
  • Jacob Sybrowsky, Associate Dean

Support Staff

  • Sharon Hatton, Instructional Support Technologist
  • Linda Sellers, Instructional Designer