Hybrid: The New Normal

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid learning combines the best of both worlds—the things you love about face-to-face courses plus the benefits of online learning.

There is much research to suggest that well-designed hybrid courses can offer the same outcomes and rigor that is found in online and face-to-face learning. Some of the benefits of hybrid learning are outlined below.

Hybrid - Double Awesome

Faculty Benefits

  • Enhanced pedagogical practices when combining different delivery options
  • Better student engagement
  • Ability to prioritize course instruction
  • Improved online/tech skills without removing face-to-face interaction
  • Increased flexibility of teaching schedule

Student Benefits

  • Preferred over traditional and online deliveries by students
  • Schedule flexibility while retaining teacher-student interactions
  • More engagement with course material
  • Higher quality of peer-to-peer interaction
  • Opportunities for self-directed learning

If you are interested in blending your face-to-face course with online components, contact your instructional designer or teachinglearning@uvu.edu.