Hybrid is the New Normal

  • The All New UVU Hybrid
  • I've gone hybrid with a dog in suit.
  • I heart hybrid
  • I've gone hybrid with a dog in suit.
  • Hybrid. the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  • Versatility, Connectivity, Efficiency.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid learning combines the best of both worlds—the things you love about face-to-face courses plus the benefits of online learning. The Hybrid is the New Normal project helps to ‘normalize’ hybrid learning. This means that hybrid learning becomes a mainstream choice for faculty and students, alongside face-to-face options and online options. Hybrid courses are already offered by many departments. This project aims to improve and expand hybrid opportunities for faculty and students.

There is much research to suggest that well-designed hybrid courses can offer the same outcomes and rigor that is found in online and face-to-face learning. Some of the benefits of hybrid learning are outlined below.

Call for Projects

We seek 25 faculty who want to convert their face-to-face course to a hybrid course this Fall.  Compensation is available for those who are selected.  

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Hybrid - Double Awesome

Faculty Benefits

  • Enhanced pedagogical practices when combining different delivery options
  • Better student engagement
  • Ability to prioritize course instruction
  • Improved online/tech skills without removing face-to-face interaction
  • Increased flexibility of teaching schedule

Student Benefits

  • Preferred over traditional and online deliveries by students
  • Schedule flexibility while retaining teacher-student interactions
  • More engagement with course material
  • Higher quality of peer-to-peer interaction
  • Opportunities for self-directed learning