Exam Proctoring


Some of your online courses may require proctored exams, which can be taken at the UVU testing center or a certified exam proctor site. Find out from your course syllabi which classes require proctored exams and when they are due.


Proctored exams are available at the UVU Classroom Testing Center (CTC). Make sure to check exam availability and the hours of operation prior to traveling to the CTC. You will need to know your UV ID and bring a non-expired photo ID with you.


If you live outside of Utah County, follow the steps below to take your exams at a certified proctored site. We recommend setting up your proctor in the first few weeks of the semester, even if you only have a proctored final exam.

Please allow two business days for our office to process each step.

**We have recently updated our Proctor database and reset the Public List.  If you do not see your regular proctor on the list as before, please contact them to complete a new certification form.

Step 1

Choose an exam proctor in your area by selecting and contacting a certified proctor from our public list. You may also find your own proctor following our criteria and have them become a certified proctor.

Step 2

Acquire Proctor ID from certified proctor - OTL staff will email it to them upon certification.

Step 3

Request Exams. OTL staff will then email exam information (when available) to your proctor within two business days.

Step 4

Schedule an appointment with your proctor to complete your exam.

Step 5

Follow the UVU Student Rights and Responsibilities Code during the administration of your exam.

PROCTOR Policies and Procedures

Before the Exam

  • Exam information will be emailed to designated proctors when available from instructors, and will include proctor instructions, exam codes or exams, and answer sheets (if needed).
  • Exams must be administered at the proctor's school or educational facility, never at the proctor or student's home.
  • Students will be responsible for any fees charged by the proctor for their services.
  • If the designated proctor is unable to proctor the exam, please contact the Office of Teaching and Learning to certify another proctor. The exam materials must not be transferred to another person without authorization and never to the student. Exception-if the certified proctor is a librarian or staff at a testing center; any librarians at that library or staff at a testing center may serve as a proctor for the student.
  • Proctors must verify the identity of the student and read all of the exam instructions to the student before they begin the exam.
  • Students should be provided with a space in which to take the exam, with a minimum of distractions and no interruptions.

During the Exam

  • Proctors must monitor students and view the computer screen often throughout exam.
  • Students may only access authorized books, notes, websites or reference aids specified on the exam instructions for the duration of the exam.
  • No electronic devices are allowed in testing area (cell phone, student's personal laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • Online exams must not be administered on the student's computer or any personal electronic device. Student must not have access to exam passwords.
  • If students are suspected of cheating, proctors must notify the Office of Teaching and Learning immediately.

After the Exam

  • Students must not retain any notes, duplicated exams or have any access to the exam in any form upon completion.
  • Proctors must collect all exam and scratch papers at the conclusion of the exam. Completed exam papers may be returned to the Office of Teaching and Learning via fax or email scan.   Please save the completed exam papers until confirmation that the full exam is received successfully.
  • Students are responsible to meet all required exam deadlines. All paper exams must be received by the Office of Teaching and Learning by their respective due dates.