Canvas Support Tips & Tricks

  1. Google Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers.
  2. Check the syllabus to know the preferred way to contact your instructor, either through the Canvas Inbox or their UVU email address.
  3. Always complete the "Identify your Testing Location" quiz if it is available in your online class.
  4. Did you use Respondus Lockdown browser this semester? Empty your cache at the end of every semester to break ties to Respondus before next semester starts.
  5. Getting "unauthorized" errors? Clear your cache and browser history, close the browser and log back in. If you still have the error - contact Canvas Support by clicking the Get Help tab in your online or hybrid course, or the general Canvas Help.
  6. Submit assignments or take quizzes from a computer and not the mobile app.
  7. When submitting an assignment make sure to leave your browser tab open until you see that the assignment if fully submitted.
  8. Trouble submitting directly from Google Drive? Save the file to your hard drive first, then upload the submission.
  9. If using Apple software or Google Drive to create documents, please export them as their Microsoft Office equivalent onto your hard drive. Upload that version to Canvas.
  10. Check the Grades page regularly and contact the instructor concerning missing scores.
  11. Use the checkbox "Calculate based only on graded assignments" on the Grades page to toggle between reviewing your grades based on graded or unsubmitted assignments.