Please examine the Registered Nurse Licensure Directory below to review the licensure requirements in your chosen state or U.S. territory.  You may contact your academic advisor or the state agency listed on the table with any program eligibility requirement questions related to your preferred state.

If you will be living in another state or U.S. territory at any time during the completion of your academic program or any kind of field experience, internship or clinical, please refer to the State Authorization website to verify your program is authorized to be offered in that state or U.S. territory.

Local professional licensure requirements change periodically.  The Office of Teaching and Learning compliance staff are committed to annually updating this Licensure Directory with current licensure requirements.  We recommend reviewing this table each Fall semester until you complete your program for any changes for your preferred state or U.S. territory.


State Licensure/Certification Minimum Qualifications 

Contact Information

Alabama eNLC Compact

Website: Alabama Nursing Board

Phone: 800-656-5318

Alabama Nursing Board Email

Alaska The Alaska Nursing board may issue a license by endorsement to practice as a registered, advanced practice registered, or practical nurse, whichever is appropriate, to an applicant who has worked as a nurse within the past five years if the applicant is licensed as a registered, advanced practice registered, or practical nurse under the laws of another state if, in the opinion of the board, the applicant meets the qualifications required for licensing in the state and meets the requirements of AS 08.68.170.

Website: Alaska Nursing Board

Phone: 907-465-2550

Alaska Nursing Board Email

American Samoa No Information available 

Phone: 684-633-1222


Arizona eNLC Compact  

Website: Arizona Board of Nursing

Phone: 602-771-7800

Arkansas eNLC Compact  

Website: Arkansas Board of Nursing

Phone: 501-686-2700


Rn to BSN Programs are not approved or endorsed by the California Board of Registered Nursing. 

Pending eNLC legislation.


Website: California Nursing Board

Phone: 916-322-3350 

Colorado eNLC Compact  

Website: Colorado Nursing Board

Phone: 303-894-2430

Colorado Nursing Board Email

Connecticut A program in nursing located in another state or territory of the United States shall be deemed approved pursuant to section 20-90 of the Connecticut General Statutes, provided that: (1) said program, if a registered nursing education program, complies with the provisions of section 20-90-52 of the regulations of Connecticut State Agencies: (2) said program is approved by the duly authorized nurse licensure board or agency of the state or territory in which it is located: and (3) said state or territory maintains licensure requirements substantially similar to or higher than those of this state.   

Website: Connecticut Board of Nursing

Phone: 860-509-7603

Delaware eNLC Compact  

Website: Delaware Board of Nursing

Phone: 302-744-4500

Delaware Board of Nursing Email

District of Columbia Approval of Distance Education Program   

Website: District of Columbia Board of Nursing

Phone: 202-442-5955

DC Nursing Board Email

Florida eNLC Compact  

Website: Florida Nursing Board

Phone: 850-488-0595

Florida Email Form 

Georgia eNLC Compact  

Website: Georgia Nursing Board

Phone: 478-207-2440

Georgia Nursing Board Email


An RN or LPN applicant for licensure by endorsement in Guam shall submit to the Board the required fee for licensure by endorsement and a completed application for licensure by endorsement. Verification of current licensure in another jurisdiction, whether electronically or by paper copy, is required for licensure by endorsement. 

Pending eNLC legislation.


Website: Guam Board of Nursing

Phone: 671-735-7407

Guam Nursing Board Email

Hawaii Nursing program do not need to be approved by Hawaii State Board of Nursing   

Website: Hawaii Board of Nursing

Phone: 808-586-3000

Idaho eNLC Compact  

Website: Idaho Board of Nursing

Phone: 208-577-2476

Idaho Board of Nursing Email


Pending eNLC Compact - Out-of-state nursing education programs offering clinical experiences in Illinois are expected to maintain the standards for approved nursing education programs. 

Pending eNLC legislation.


Website: Illinois Nursing Board

Phone: 312-814-2715

Illinois Email Form

Indiana eNLC Compact   

Website: Indiana Nursing Board

Phone: 317-234-2043

Indiana Nursing Board Email

Iowa eNLC Compact  

Website: Iowa Nursing Board

Phone: 515-281-3255 

Kansas eNLC Compact  

Website: Kansas Board of Nursing

Phone: 785-296-4929

Kentucky eNLC Compact  

Website: Kentucky Board of Nursing

Phone: 502-429-3300

Kentucky Email Form

Louisiana eNLC Compact  

Website: Louisiana Board of Nursing

Phone: 225-755-7500

Louisiana Board of Nursing Email

Maine eNLC Compact  

Website: Maine Board of Nursing

Phone: 207-287-1133

Maryland eNLC Compact  

Website: Maryland Board of Nursing

Phone: 410-585-1900

Maryland Board of Nursing Email


Nursing program must be approved by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing. 

Pending eNLC legislation.


Website: Massachusetts Board of Nursing

Phone: 800-414-0168

Massachusetts Board of Nursing Email

Michigan Pending eNLC Compact   

Website: Michigan Nursing Board

Phone: 517-241-0199

Michigan Nursing Board Email

Minnesota Pending eNLC Compact - Minnesota Nursing Board does not have jurisdiction to approve
nursing programs that are non-licensure preparing programs. 


Website: Minnesota Nursing Board

Phone: 612-317-3000

Minnesota Nursing Board Email

Mississippi eNLC Compact  

Website: Mississippi Board of Nursing

Phone: 601-957-6300

Missouri eNLC Compact  

Website: Missouri Nursing Board

Phone: 573-751-0681

Mississippi Board of Nursing Email

Montana eNLC Compact  

Website: Montana Nursing Board

Phone: 406-841-2300

Montana Nursing Board Email

Nebraska eNLC Compact  

Website: Nebraska Nursing Board

Phone: 402-471-4376

Nebraska Nursing Board Email

Nevada Under review   

Website: Nevada Nursing Board

Phone: 888-590-6726

Nevada Nursing Board Email

New Hampshire eNLC Compact  

Website: New Hampshire Nursing Board

Phone: 603-271-2323

New Hampshire Nursing Board Email

New Jersey Pending eNLC Compact - A registered professional nurse or licensed practical nurse licensed in another state, territory
or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, who wishes to be licensed in New Jersey may be licensed by endorsement in this State if he or she meets the requirements
for licensure. 

Website: New Jersey Nursing Board

Phone: 973-504-6430 

New Mexico eNLC Compact  

Website: New Mexico Board of Nursing

Phone: 505-841-8340


New York To meet the education requirements for licensure in New York as an RN, you must graduate from an nursing education program approved by the licensing authority of that state or U.S. Territory as preparation for practice as an RN.   

Website: New York Nursing Board

Phone: 518-474-3817, Press 1 then ext. 410

New York Email Form 

North Carolina eNLC Compact  

Website: North Carolina Board of Nursing

Phone: 919-782-3211 

North Dakota eNLC Compact  

Website: North Dakota Board of Nursing

Phone: 701-328-9777

North Dakota Board of Nursing Email


A registered nurse applicant for licensure in Ohio by endorsement shall have completed a registered nursing education program approved by a jurisdiction of the national council of state boards of nursing at the time the applicant completed the program. 

Pending eNLC legislation - implementation 01/01/2023.


Website: Ohio Nursing Board

Phone: 614-466-3947

Ohio Nursing Board Email

Oklahoma eNLC Compact  

Website: Oklahoma Nursing Board

Phone: 405-962-1800

Oregon The Oregon Board of Nursing requires a review and authorization of clinical learning experiences completed in Oregon by all pre-licensure and advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) students enrolled in programs based outside of Oregon. 


Website: Oregon Board of Nursing

Phone: 971-673-0685



A registered nurse currently licensed in another jurisdiction of the United States or Canada who has graduated from an approved program of nursing and who is enrolled in an accredited graduate nursing program, a bachelor of science nursing program, or a refresher course in nursing may practice nursing in a clinical setting as required by the educational program of studies without obtaining a Pennsylvania license so long as the student does not receive compensation except in the form of stipends, scholarships and other awards related to the training program. 

Pending eNLC legislation.


Website: Pennsylvania Nursing Board

Phone: 717-783-7142

Pennsylvania Nursing Board Email

Puerto Rico Any person authorized to practice the nursing profession in any of the states or territories of the United States of America, or the District of Columbia or a foreign country, interested in practicing nursing in Puerto Rico, must take the revalidation exam offered by the Board or having passed the NCLEX according to the category you request.   

Phone: 787-999-8989

Puerto Rico Nursing Board Email

Rhode Island

License by endorsement: These are the requirements if you have already taken the NCLEX Exam, and are licensed in another state. Proof of Rhode Island Residency – Proof is ONLY required if your primary residency is going to be in the State of Rhode Island.  Background Check With Fingerprints - You must apply to the Department of Attorney General for a national background check supported by fingerprints. 

Pending eNLC legislation.

Website: Rhode Island Nursing Board

Phone: 401-222-5960

South Carolina eNLC Compact  

Website: South Carolina Nursing Board

Phone: 803-896-4550

South Carolina Nursing Board Email

South Dakota eNLC Compact  

Website: South Dakota Board of Nursing

Phone: 605-362-2760

South Dakota Board of Nursing Email

Tennessee eNLC Compact  

Website: Tennessee Nursing Board

Phone: 615-532-5166

Texas eNLC Compact  

Website: Texas Board of Nursing

Phone: 512-305-7400

Texas Board of Nursing Email

Utah eNLC Compact  

Website: Utah Nursing Board

Phone: 801-530-6628

Utah Nursing Board Email

Vermont Pending eNLC Compact   

Website: Vermont Nursing Board

Phone: 802-828-2396

Vermont Nursing Board Email

Virginia eNLC Compact  

Website: Virginia Board of Nursing

Phone: 804-367-4515

Virgin Islands Pending eNLC legislation.  

Phone: 340-774-7477

Washington Pending eNLC Compact - Program approval application   

Website: Washington Board of Nursing

Phone: 360-236-4703 

West Virginia eNLC Compact  

Website: West Virginia Nursing Board

Phone: 304-744-0900

West Virginia Nursing Board Email

Wisconsin eNLC Compact  

Website: Wisconsin Nursing Board

Phone: 608-266-2112

Wisconsin Nursing Board Email

Wyoming eNLC Compact  

Website: Wyoming Nursing Board

Phone: 307-777-7601

Wyoming Nursing Board Email

Updated 12/1/2021