Course Specialists

The role of a course specialist is to provide technical and logistical assistance to instructors and students throughout the semester. Some of the things they can assist instructors with are:

Course Preparation

  • Set up course shells before each semester according to instructor requests
    • Copy content from a previous course shell
    • Adjust dates, reset discussions, update syllabus, etc. according to instructor specifications
    • Verify module functionality and course navigation
    • Check and repair broken links/images/videos
    • Upload files, quizzes and exams to the course shell
    • Set up/edit grade book settings
    • Set up/edit rubrics
    • Set up groups
  • Assist with settings per instructor requests
    • Modules
    • Accessibility Accommodations
    • Turnitin LTI Tool
    • Other LTI Tools
    • Discussions
    • Groups
    • Extra credit
    • Attendance
  • Facilitate more extensive adjustments to update or improve the course



Semester Support

  • Get Help tab will be placed in the left navigation of each online or hot bunk hybrid course shell
    • Introduces the course specialist as canvas support
    • Provides summary of services provided
    • Lists office hours and contact information
  • Reach out to students through template emails to provide important information throughout the semester
    • Welcome Email -- week before semester begins with information on how to start the class
    • Proctoring Email -- 1st week of class -- only sent to students in classes that require a proctor to be setup for exams.  It includes instructions on how to set this up.
    • Low Student Activity -- 3rd week of class -- sent to students who have missed assignment deadlines or have not started the course.   Instructors will receive an email to ask for additional criteria to determine low activity for each course.
    • Last Day Withdraw Email -- 6th week of class -- reminds students of the deadline and to talk to a financial aid advisor before deciding to withdraw
    • Mid-Term Email -- 7th week of class - midpoint of semester check in to remind students to make sure they are staying on top of deadlines
    • End of Semester Email -- 3 weeks before end of Term -- reminds students to review grades, prepare for finals and complete their SRI
  • Provide technical support to allow the instructor to focus on teaching course content
    • General Canvas navigation
  • Change/extend dates
  • Lock/Unlock assessments for individual students or full class
    • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Instruct and assist students with exam proctoring procedures
  • Facilitate student and instructor interaction


Please be aware that course specialists cannot provide mentoring, advising or other academic support, but it would be our pleasure to connect the student with a variety of campus resources available to help in these areas.