Mission of the Flexible Learning Councils: Innovate the delivery of the academic curriculum to anytime, anyplace, anyhow, and any pace.

University Flexible Learning Council

The UFLC is the governance structure formed in 2019 to oversee UVU Online and other flexible learning initiatives. Its mission is to innovate the delivery of the academic curriculum and learner support services to anytime, anyplace, anyhow, and any pace. The UFLC helps UVU meet its 2030 goals to “expand flexible educational and online offerings.” Note flexible learning includes online, hybrid, live streaming, intersessions, credit for prior learning, competency based learning, and more.

The UFLC oversees the eight College/School Flexible Learning Councils (CFLCs). Altogether, the UFLC/CFLC governance structure includes more than 50 faculty, academic affairs, student affairs, marketing, and IT representatives. Faculty representatives from each department comprise the CFLCs in addition to the Associate Dean. The CFLCs oversee the quality of the flexible curriculum and strategic planning of course development.


Christina Baum, Roxanne Brinkerhoff, Laura Busby, Trish Baker,  Don Capener, Joy Cole, Kris Coles, David Connelly, Benjamin Cummings, Sarah Donohue, Tiffany Evans, Sam Gedeborg, Stephen Gibson, Jim Godfrey, Seth Gurell, Ron Hammond, Stan Harward, Emily Hedrick, Eric Humphrey, Deborah Marrott, Noemy Medina, Karen Merrick, Keith Mulbery, Gary Noll, Shalece Nuttall, Lisa Price, Jason Slack, Andrew Stone, Tom Sturtevant, Susan Thackeray, Sandi Waters, Wendy Athens (Co-Chair), Dustin Berlin (Co-Chair)

College Flexible Learning Councils

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College of Engineering and Technology
  • Ken Adams, Construction Technology
  • Jonathan Allred, Architecture/Engineer Design
  • Brian Durney, Computer Science
  • David Frame, Engineering Technology
  • Emily Hedrick, Digital Media (Co-Chair)
  • Armen Ilikchyan, Tech Management
  • Matt Jensen, Engineering
  • Dan McDonald, Information Systems
  • Joseph McRae, Culinary Arts
  • Keith Mulbery, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
  • Zach Taylor, Automotive Technology
  • Susan Thackeray, Tech Management
  • Shawn Edwards, OTL
  • Kelly Sprenz, OTL
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College of Health and Public Service
  • Dustin Berlin, Assistant Dean
  • Hsiu-Chin (Sunny) Chen, Nursing
  • Matt Duffin, Criminal Justice
  • Sue Jackson, Public and Community and Health
  • Jeff Maxfield, Masters in Public Service (MPS)
  • Gary Noll, Emergency Services (Co-Chair)
  • Karen Preston, Dental Hygiene
  • Tom Sturtevant, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
  • Jack Troutt, Aviation
  • Shawn Edwards, OTL
  • Sharon Hatton, OTL
  • James Reno, OTL
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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Geoff Cockerham, History
  • Nathan Gale, English
  • Stephen Gibson, English (Co-Chair)
  • Phil Gordon, Communication
  • Ron Hammond, Behavioral Science (Co-Chair)
  • Tammy Nguyen, Advisor
  • Sara Ulloa, Languages
  • Istvan Berente, OTL
  • Shawn Edwards, OTL
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College of Science
  • Shane Draper, Exercise Science
  • Emily Heider, Chemistry
  • Hilary Hungerford, Earth Science
  • Scott Lewis, Math
  • Jason Slack, Associate Dean (Chair)
  • Devin Taylor, Biology
  • Sharon Hatton, OTL
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School of Arts
  • Courtney Davis, Art & Design
  • Sarah Donohue (Co-Chair)
  • Elizabeth Draper, Advisor Manager
  • Jim Godfrey, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
  • Ross Hagen, Music
  • Jill Robinson, Theatre
  • Istvan Berente, OTL
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School of Education
  • Dale Cox, Med Ed Leadership
  • Debora Escalante, Elementary Education
  • Nicole Gearing, Elementary Education
  • Stan Harward, Associate Dean (Chair)
  • Vessela Ilieva, Dean
  • George Odongo, Special Ed
  • Makenzie Selland, Curriculum/Instruction
  • Ann Sharp, Curriculum and Inst/Literacy
  • Axel Ramirez, Secondary Education
  • Elaine Tuft, Elementary Education
  • Bryan Waite, Secondary Education
  • Sandie Waters, Elementary Education (Co-Chair)
  • Kelly Sprenz, OTL
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University College
  • Brooke Bailey, English Language Learning
  • Roxanne Brinkerhoff, Developmental Math (Co-Chair)
  • Darin Eckton, Student Leadership and Student Success
  • Ben Goodwin, Literacies and Composition
  • Deb Marrott, Associate Dean (Co-Chair)
  • Evelyn Porter, Developmental Math
  • Jacque Preston, Literacies and Composition
  • Denise Richards, SLSS
  • Kelly Sprenz, OTL
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Woodbury School of Business
  • Maureen Andrade, Organizational Leadership
  • Ben Cummings, Finance and Economics (Chair)
  • Mitch Murdock, Marketing
  • Kevin Rhoads, Strategic Management
  • Bunney Schmidt, Accounting
  • Don Capener, Associate Dean
  • James Reno, OTL