Constitution of the Professional Association of Campus Employees (PACE)

Article I - Name of Organization

  1. The organization is named the "Professional Association of Campus Employees" and is also known as "PACE"

Article II - Affiliations

  1. PACE collaborates with UVU Human Resources, UVU Administration, and the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA).

Article III - Mission

  1. PACE advocates for and recognizes staff by providing a unified voice to the campus community, social and service opportunities, and support for professional development.

Article IV - Membership

  1. General Membership
    1. PACE membership consists of all full-time and part-time staff (excluding student employees, faculty, and executives) of Utah Valley University.
  2. Representation
    1. The PACE General Board (see Article V – Officers) represents the interests of the General Membership.
  3. Elections
    1. All PACE members are eligible to vote in PACE Elections. The PACE Bylaws shall regulate the election of all PACE General and Executive Board Officers.

Article V - Officers

  1. General Board
      The General Board shall consist of the Executive Board, Senators, and Committee Chairs of the officially designated PACE standing committees.
  2. Executive Board
    1. Composition
      1. The PACE Executive Board shall consist of a President, either a President Elect or an immediate Past President, a Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.
    2. Term of Office
      1. The President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer hold office for a two-year term.
      2. The Past President and President-Elect are one-year positions.
    3. Selection
      1. Executive Board Members are elected during the annual PACE Election process.
  3. Senators
    1. Purpose
      1. Senators shall represent PACE members within their respective administrative divisions of the University in meetings of the PACE General Board.
    2. Composition
      1. A total of 16 senators represent all UVU divisions, with divisions being allocated senators based on the number of full-time PACE employees in each division.
    3. Term of Office
      1. Senators are elected for a two-year term, with approximately half of the senators elected each year on a rotating basis.
    4. Selection
      1. Senators are elected by PACE members within their respective division during the annual PACE Election process.
  4. Committee Chairs
    1. Purpose
      1. Committee chairs are responsible for the management of their designated PACE committees.
    2. Committee
      1. PACE committees shall be created to focus on important issues, provide representation, and coordinate the efforts of the PACE organization.
      2. Standing committees may be formed for an ongoing purpose as designated by the PACE President.
      3. Ad hoc committees may be formed for a specific task or objective, and may be dissolved after the completion of the task, or achievement, or objective.
      4. Standing committees and ad hoc committees shall report to and act under the direction of the General Board.
    3. Composition
      1. Composition of each committee will be determined by the Committee Chair, in consultation with the PACE Executive Board.
    4. Term of Office
      1. Chairs of standing committees shall serve for a period of two years.
      2. Chairs of ad hoc committees shall serve for the term of the ad hoc committee.
    5. Selection
      1. Chairs of standing committees are elected during the PACE Election process.
      2. Ad hoc Committee Chairs are appointed by the PACE President.

Article VI - Liaison

  1. PACE shall have a non-voting Administrative Liaison, appointed by the University President.

Article VII - Meetings

  1. Frequency
    1. PACE shall have a minimum of one general meeting annually.
    2. Meetings of the PACE General Board shall be held monthly or as needed.
  2. Open Meetings
    1. All general meetings and meetings of the General Board will be open meetings; however, the Executive Board may designate a meeting or a portion thereof as an executive session and may limit attendees to General Board members.
  3. Special Meetings
    1. Special meetings may be called by the PACE President or by a majority of the Executive Board.

Article VIII - Quorum

  1. For purposes of voting and conducting official PACE General Board business, a quorum shall be defined as one half of all eligible voting officers, plus one.

Article IX - Amendments

  1. Proposal
    1. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any member of the PACE General Board.
  2. Approval
    1. Proposed amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the PACE General Board.
    2. Amendments approved by the PACE General Board must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the general membership present at the annual General PACE Meeting.
  3. Effective Date
    1. Amendments will become effective immediately upon approval of the General Board and General Membership.

Article X - Ratification

  1. This Constitution must be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of PACE general membership.

Historical Information

  • Ratified June 20, 2017