PACE History

The Association of Classified Employees (ACE) was started in 1984-85 by Duane Jacobs. During this same era, Faculty Senate was revising their Bylaws and constitution. Staff decided to also formally organize with Bylaws. In 1987-88 ACE transformed into the Professional Association of College Employees (PACE) and became the official employee program for all part-time and full-time staff. Before an official association for employees was created, employees had no programs that recognized staff. In 2008, the name changed to Professional Association of Campus Employees to reflect the university status.

ACE/PACE Presidents
Term ACE/PACE President
2016-2018 PACE Shalece Nuttall 
2015-2016 PACE Sherry Harward 
2013-2015 PACE Brett McKeachnie
2011-2013 PACE Alexis Palmer
2009-2011 PACE Mark Wiesenberg
2007-2009 PACE Clint Moser
2005-2007 PACE Louise Bridge
2004-2005 PACE Candace Marks
2003-2004 PACE Shad Sorenson
2002-2003 PACE Vickie Walker
2001-2002 PACE Phil Clegg
2000-2001 PACE Merrill Oyler
1999-2000 PACE Gary Griffin
1998-1999 PACE Jeanette Hall
1996-1998 PACE Robert Rasmussen
1995-1996 PACE Nancy Bartlett
1994-1995 PACE Marilyn Mansfield
1993-1994 PACE Tara Yates
1992-1993 PACE Michael L. Jones
1991-1992 PACE Leah J. Holt
1990-1991 PACE Michael V. Jacobsen
1989-1990 PACE Noel C. Lyman
1988-1989 PACE Thomas R. Rasmussen
1987-1988 PACE Evan A. Frampton
1986-1987 ACE Linda L. Makin
1985-1986 ACE Lucile M. Steele
1984-1985 ACE Duane Jacobs