PACE Committees


Coordinates PACE General Board involvement in discussions and communications related to university benefits. Attends monthly and ad-hoc University Benefits Committee, as called by the Benefits Office. PACE President and President-Elect/Past President also attend University Benefits Committee. PACE has two votes on the University Benefits Committee.

Trish Baker

Trish Baker

Benefits Chairperson

Trish Baker is a native of Scotland, where she worked as a civil servant in the human resources department of the Scottish Court Service. She moved to Utah in 2005 to pursue her Master of Public Administration degree at the red school up north (before she knew better!)

Before coming to UVU, she worked in the online college of Southern New Hampshire University in curriculum and assessment, and The University of Utah as a policy analyst, training manager, and program manager for a master’s program. While the U, she served for two years on Staff Council. During this time, she worked on a major project with the benefits team to expand the use of sick leave to a wider range of family members, and to increase maternity leave coverage for staff. She has been at UVU since August 2018 and loves the work she is doing here to make a difference for students. She has felt right at home since she started at UVU, and is excited for this potential opportunity to serve the fantastic employees at this great institution, especially when UVU is undergoing so much transformation.

Trish has two energetic sons, aged 7 and 4, who keep her busy and laughing. There is never a dull moment at her home. In the little free time she has left, she loves music of all kinds, and sings in a community choir as well as attending as many performances as she can.


Bylaws / Procedures

Maintains PACE Bylaws and Procedures documents. Aids PACE Committees and Senators in updating committee procedures, and performs at least an annual review of all procedures. Makes and receives recommendations for changes to PACE Bylaws, and explains Bylaws changes to PACE membership at the annual PACE General Meeting. Ensures PACE Executive and General Boards follow Bylaws and Procedures in all activities.

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher

Bylaws / Procedures Chairperson

A proud Wolverine, Jennifer Gallagher came to UVU as a freshman undergraduate student in 2009 and hasn’t left since. As a student, Jennifer served as the intern in the University’s Policy Office, and upon graduating, was offered a position as the newly created Assistant Editor of Policy. Jennifer has a strong passion for technical writing and law, specifically in the areas of policy and procedures, witnessing first-hand through her time at UVU the impact it can have on the campus community. As a member of the Association for College University Policy Administrators (ACUPA), Jennifer has presented to and educated other higher-education professionals and receives continual training in her field in return. Jennifer is thrilled for the opportunity to serve the institution and the people who have fostered and nurtured her professional career from the very beginning.



Promotes and coordinates annual PACE Elections process. Verifies eligibility and willingness of nominated individuals. Gathers and disperses candidate information to PACE members. Oversees voting and announces election results.

Tena Medina

Tena Medina

Election Chairperson

I have worked for parking services since May 2006. I started out as the Office Manager, now I am the Manager and Appeal Officer of Parking Operations. It is my job to educate and inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about all things parking. UVU is an amazing place to work and I really love my job as I get to meet new people every day. I am a HUGE fan of our athletic program. My family and I have been attending basketball games for the last 17 years. I have lived in Provo my entire life, and enjoy spending time with my family. Go Green!


Employee Recognition

Promotes PACE programs for recognizing exemplary employees. In coordination with university leaders, and in accordance with university recognition policies and procedures, selects PACE Distinguished Employee Award recipients. Encourages peer recognition and selects recipients of Wolverine Sighting Awards. Coordinates with university divisions and departments to promote recognition programs and to provide meaningful awards to employees. Provides recommendations for programs to recognize great employees.

Natalie Healy

Natalie Healy

Employee Recognition Chairperson

Natalie has worked in the IT department at UVU for 4 years, with the last 3 years have been in Network and Telecom, helping the university with any phone issues.  She grew up in Albuquerque, graduated from BYU in Clothing & Textiles, and is married with 4 teenaged boys. 


Coordinates and promotes involvement of PACE members with the university community and encourages social interaction between employees. Oversees various social events for employees annually. Encourages involvement of university employees in social and service opportunities.

Bonnie Mortensen

Bonnie Mortensen

Events Chairperson

Bonnie Mortensen has 20-plus years of management experience, including with a family-owned and operated group of restaurants in the south. Mortensen’s professional career in Utah includes time at Novell where she was one of the first female Certified Netware Engineers and worked full time as a front-line tech.

Bonnie began her career at UVU by working as administrative support for the Graduation/Transfer Services department (2012), later taking a position in the Woodbury School of Business as the Coordinator of the Utah Women and Leadership Project (2015). Bonnie has been the Coordinator for Undergraduate Talent Sourcing for the Woodbury School of Business since 2017

She has been awarded the 2017 NAWBO Student of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners, the 2019 ACT College & Career Readiness Champion: Utah Postsecondary Champion, and the 2019 Woodbury School of Business Deans Award of Excellence for Staff. Mortensen currently serves as a PACE Academic Affairs Senator and has served on several committees across campus.

Mortensen attended Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas where she studied graphic design and marketing. She has an associates degree from UVU and is currently in the integrated studies program with emphases in communications and leadership. She is set to graduate in Spring 2020 and will begin a masters program shortly after. 

Personal Statement:

I have witnessed how our students are being served university-wide. I can honestly say there is no shortage of UVU employees who feel a sense of purpose from the work they do on behalf of students. I have found the majority of my colleagues thrive in an environment where there is a constant connection to learning and development. This connection has led to a sense of community for those of us who have the desire to do “work with a purpose” which is what I believe to be the greatest aspect of working at UVU.

Legislative Affairs

Promote and encourage PACE member involvement in the legislative process. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with university legislative liaisons and efforts. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with those of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA).

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Legislative Affairs Chairperson

Steve Anderson is the Director of Community and Government Relations. His current portfolio includes the National President's Advisory Board; President's Community Advisory Council; city, county, state, and federal government relations; development of a university Talent Bureau system (experts system); Summer University Executive Committee; Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Education Committee; STEM Fest Utah Board of Trustees;  Orem Community Hospital Outreach Committee; and the United Way Everyday Learners committee. 

Steve is finishing a doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies from Creighton University and has a BS in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from Utah Valley University, and an MA in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. Steve and his wife Ashley have four beautiful daughters and reside in Vineyard, Utah.


Marketing & Communication

Provides tools and guidance for communications from PACE and PACE Committees with PACE membership. Maintains PACE web and social networking sites. Makes recommendations to PACE Executive Board on communication best practices.

Kameron Dearing

Kameron Dearing

Marketing & Communication Chairperson

Kameron Dearing began his career at UVU in 2012 starting out volunteering in various student leadership organizations such as the Multicultural Center, UVUSA, and Student Alumni. After winning a national award through CASE ASAP for his “Stop Being Boring” campaign for Student Alumni, he got a student job in Athletics, where he found his passion for UVU and for marketing. Kameron has a long history of working collaboratively with various campus entities such as Student Life, Alumni & Development, HR, Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism, CHPS, First Year Experience, University Marketing, and many other campus entities and community partners. Kameron has worked full time for Athletics since 2015 and has consistently increased attendance at athletic events while breaking attendance records for all gated sports but one at UVU. Under his efforts, men’s soccer, women’s soccer and wrestling have been in the top 25 nationally for average attendance for the past two years, with men’s soccer in the top 25 for 5 consecutive years. His efforts in marketing and communication have been recognized on the national stage by winning five NACMA awards, on the state level by winning a Golden Spike, and on the international level by winning a UPAA. Kameron was married to Maysen in September of 2017 and has two dogs, a Standard Poodle, Kooper and a Golden Doodle, Bleu. 

Policy Review

Coordinates PACE review of stage 2 policy drafts. Coordinates with University Policy Office related to the policy pipeline. Disperses policy drafts to PACE General Board for review. Gathers and compiles feedback from PACE General Board members and conducts a vote to accept feedback as PACE’s official comments. Submits official PACE comments to policy stewards and policy office.

Ben Burk

Ben Burk

Policy Review Chairperson

Ben Burk, raised in Puerto Rico, is a graduate of UVU and has been riding the waves of growth and change with the UVU family for over 18 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and currently works in end user technical support for the College of Engineering & Technology where he has helped to create policy for the College. Ben has always been a strong advocate for UVU and its staff and looks forward to serving them as the Chair of the Policy Review Committee for PACE.

Professional Development

Promotes Staff Education and Staff Development Fund programs to employees. Gathers and compiles requests for funding. Selects funding recipients according to policies and guidelines. Coordinates budgets for Staff Education and Staff Development, including check requests for funding recipients, according to policies and guidelines.

Daniel Delgadillo

Daniel Delgadillo

Professional Development Chairperson

Daniel has been at UVU for over 12 years, both as a student and as an employee. He is the Manager – Employee Learning and Development in Human Resources where he spends his time creating and developing training opportunities for employees. Currently, he is overseeing the implementation of UVU’s first Learning Management System for employee learning.

During his free time, Daniel enjoys traveling with his wife to different parts of Mexico and anywhere with a nice beach.


Service & Scholarship

Approves Service Leave requests by all employees according to university policy and guidelines. Compiles reports received about service performed by employees. Coordinates PACE service opportunities and projects. Coordinates with university scholarship offices on all details related to the PACE Scholarship program. Promotes PACE Scholarship to employees to solicit donations. Selects and recognizes scholarship recipients according to policies and guidelines.

Kellie Hancock

Kellie Hancock

Service & Scholarship Chairperson


Wolverine Pride

Promotes school pride among employees, especially staff, through activities, communication, and spirit building. Coordinates with students, faculty, departments, and administration to promote and enhance employee attendance at athletics, the arts, and other university sponsored events, provides leadership and support to the University Wolverine Pride Committee. Chairs the University Wolverine Price Executive Committee. To stay up to speed on current Wolverine Pride events, take the pledge at

DaSheek Akwenye

DaSheek Akwenye

Wolverine Pride Chairperson

DaSheek was born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia and came to the U.S on a Track & Field scholarship. He is a former UVU student-athlete from 2002 to 2004 and is a previous UVU 400m record holder. DaSheek loves everything UVU and UVU athletics for giving him the opportunity to overcome adversity and teaching him what it means to succeed as a “student” first and “athlete” second.  Enrolling into college as a first generation international student, DaSheek has had to overcome a variety of personal challenges that have helped him aspire to grow professionally as well as personally.

DaSheek received his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Communications and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Utah State University. During his time as a student athlete, DaSheek was a recipient of the Aggie Achievement Award for his outstanding ability to overcome personal challenges as a student-athlete at Utah State University and succeed both in and out of the classroom.

DaSheek has served on various committees on campus.  He is most passionate about being part of the inclusion committee, which helps better serve the diverse community of students that come from all walks of life feel welcome, safe, and at home at UVU. He thoroughly enjoys interacting and helping students find their niche on campus and chase their passions through engaging recreational programming offered within his department of Campus Recreation & Wellness and complimenting that with their academic experience.

DaSheek and his wife have four beautiful kids. He loves all dimensions of exercising for fun and enjoys spending time with his family, playing a variety of sports, and attending Wolverine sporting events with his kids.