PACE Committees


Coordinates PACE General Board involvement in discussions and communications related to university benefits. Attends monthly and ad-hoc University Benefits Committee, as called by the Benefits Office. PACE President and President-Elect/Past President also attend University Benefits Committee. PACE has two votes on the University Benefits Committee.

Jennifer Agla
Jennifer Agla  -  Benefits Chairperson  -


Maintains PACE Bylaws and Procedures documents. Aids PACE Committees and Senators in updating committee procedures, and performs at least an annual review of all procedures. Makes and receives recommendations for changes to PACE Bylaws, and explains Bylaws changes to PACE membership at the annual PACE General Meeting. Ensures PACE Executive and General Boards follow Bylaws and Procedures in all activities.

Brett McKeachnie
Brett McKeachnie  -  Bylaws/Procedures Chairperson  -

Brett McKeachnie is passionate about UVU and the opportunities it provides, not only for students, but also for employees. Over his 23 year UVU tenure, Brett has earned several institutional and PACE awards as a result of his hard work and dedication. Brett served as PACE President and as President of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA). In these roles he learned how important it is to have an up-to-date Constitution and Bylaws. He also knows that we need best practice procedures to follow so our organization runs smoothly. Having recently re-drafted the UHESA Constitution and Bylaws, Brett brings that experience to bear for PACE as the Bylaws and Procedures Committee Chair. Brett’s relationships of trust with both employees and UVU Administrators help him to be very effective in making appropriate changes that benefit both the employees and the institution.

Brett and his wife, Carry are the proud parents of six, and grandparents of three. Their family serves actively in many roles in their community of Mona and Nephi, Utah. Brett is the Director of UVU’s IT Portfolio and Project Management Office, and bleeds UVU green!



Promotes and coordinates annual PACE Elections process. Verifies eligibility and willingness of nominated individuals. Gathers and disperses candidate information to PACE members. Oversees voting and announces election results.

Tena Medina
Tena Medina  -  Election Chairperson  -

I have worked for parking services since May 2006. I started out as the Office Manager, now I am the Manager and Appeal Officer of Parking Operations. It is my job to educate and inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about all things parking. UVU is an amazing place to work and I really love my job as I get to meet new people every day. I am a HUGE fan of our athletic program. My family and I have been attending basketball games for the last 17 years. I have lived in Provo my entire life, and enjoy spending time with my family. Go Green!


Employee Recognition

Promotes PACE programs for recognizing exemplary employees. In coordination with university leaders, and in accordance with university recognition policies and procedures, selects PACE Distinguished Employee Award recipients. Encourages peer recognition and selects recipients of Wolverine Sighting Awards. Coordinates with university divisions and departments to promote recognition programs and to provide meaningful awards to employees. Provides recommendations for programs to recognize great employees.

Irene Whittier
Irene Whittier  -  Employee Recognition Chairperson  -

Irene Whittier came to UVU in August of 2010 and is currently the ADA Coordinator for employees. Prior to coming to UVU she worked for MANY years at Utah State University in the Human Resources Office in a variety of positions. She graduated from Utah State University with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and holds the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and the SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional) certifications. She feels strongly about employees being recognized for the great work they do and hopes employees all across campus will take a few minutes to recognize their peers through Wolverine Sightings.

Irene grew up in central Idaho in a VERY rural ranching community which she dearly loves. As a result she loves the outdoors, camping and animals. She also likes movies, theatre productions, reading, being with friends and family and sports – favorite is basketball.



Coordinates and promotes involvement of PACE members with the university community and encourages social interaction between employees. Oversees various social events for employees annually. Encourages involvement of university employees in social and service opportunities.

Gary Griffin
Gary Griffin  -  Events Chairperson  -

Gary Griffin has worked at Utah Valley University in the Payroll Department for 29 years. Since that time it has grown from UVCC to UVSC, and to finally UVU. He implemented the first automated scanning system for hourly payroll, which replaced hand input. Gary has served several times before on the PACE board including PACE President in 1999-2000. As PACE president, he started the program of volunteer leave where employees can now take up to eight hours of paid time to do community service. He has also served on UHESSA and five years as Years of Service chair. For the last 19 years he has enjoyed teaching history for the History/Political Science department as an adjunct. “I think it will be fun to get involved again in an organization that has grown so much over the years.”

Gary and his wife Sheila have been married for 31 years and are the proud parents of four children and five grandchildren. Gary was born and raised in Escalante, Utah and graduated from SUU when it was SUSC. He lives in Woodland Hills where as a family, they enjoy traveling, camping, target shooting and most all indoor and outdoor sports, including tennis, basketball, CrossFit, motorcycle riding and even being able to snowshoe from their own back door. Even though Sheila and I are not getting any younger, all this activity keeps us thinking that we are.


Legislative Affairs

Promote and encourage PACE member involvement in the legislative process. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with university legislative liaisons and efforts. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with those of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA).

Stephanie Albach
Stephanie Albach  - Legislative Affairs Chairperson  -

Stephanie Albach came to UVU in the fall of 2010 from Intermountain Healthcare – Physicians Division where she worked as a Clinic Manager for several years. She is currently the executive assistant to Cameron Martin, Vice President for University Relations. In her current role in University Relations, she has the opportunity to see the need to stay current with the legislative process, keep an eye on legislation that affects higher education and understand UVU’s legislative priorities. She previously enjoyed working with PACE as a Senator for University Relations and as support for the Employee Recognition Committee and Wolverine Sightings.

Stephanie grew up in the windy plains of northern Montana. Her favorite place to escape to is Glacier National Park with her husband and four kids. Her first love is music and ‘singing time’ with her girls at the Albach home almost every Sunday evening. Her second love is coaching, whether on the softball fields, at home for a voice or piano lesson, or just cheering on the young people of her neighborhood as they grow and mature.


Marketing & Communication

Provides tools and guidance for communications from PACE and PACE Committees with PACE membership. Maintains PACE web and social networking sites. Makes recommendations to PACE Executive Board on communication best practices.

David Tobler
David Tobler  -  Marketing & Communication Chairperson  -

David has been with UVU for 27 years. Over that time his responsibilities have increased, advancing from a computer lab manager and Director of Student Computing to his current position of Senior Director of Technology Support and Programming. He currently serves on the University Communications committee (UCC), Information Technology Oversight Committee (ITOC), and leads the Enterprise Application Management Team (EAMT) and Technology Support Committee. He has previously served PACE as the Election Chair.

David is an Orem native, but spend 10 years living in Canada, where his wife is from. When not at work, David is often on his bicycle or in the back country. He is an avid outdoor adventurer always in search of a new challenge.


Policy Review

Coordinates PACE review of stage 2 policy drafts. Coordinates with University Policy Office related to the policy pipeline. Disperses policy drafts to PACE General Board for review. Gathers and compiles feedback from PACE General Board members and conducts a vote to accept feedback as PACE’s official comments. Submits official PACE comments to policy stewards and policy office.

Kristen Nuesmeyer

Kristen Nuesmeyer  -  Policy Review Chairperson  -



Professional Development

Promotes Staff Education and Staff Development Fund programs to employees. Gathers and compiles requests for funding. Selects funding recipients according to policies and guidelines. Coordinates budgets for Staff Education and Staff Development, including check requests for funding recipients, according to policies and guidelines.

Daniel Delgadillo
Daniel Delgadillo  -  Professional Development Chairperson  -

Daniel has been at UVU for over 12 years, both as a student and as an employee. He is the Manager – Employee Learning and Development in Human Resources where he spends his time creating and developing training opportunities for employees. Currently, he is overseeing the implementation of UVU’s first Learning Management System for employee learning.

During his free time, Daniel enjoys traveling with his wife to different parts of Mexico and anywhere with a nice beach.


Service & Scholarship

Approves Service Leave requests by all employees according to university policy and guidelines. Compiles reports received about service performed by employees. Coordinates PACE service opportunities and projects. Coordinates with university scholarship offices on all details related to the PACE Scholarship program. Promotes PACE Scholarship to employees to solicit donations. Selects and recognizes scholarship recipients according to policies and guidelines.

Kellie Hancock
Kellie Hancock -  Scholarship/Service Chairperson  -

Wolverine Pride

Promotes school pride among employees, especially staff, through activities, communication, and spirit building. Coordinates with students, faculty, departments, and administration to promote and enhance employee attendance at athletics, the arts, and other university sponsored events, provides leadership and support to the University Wolverine Pride Committee. Chairs the University Wolverine Price Executive Committee. To stay up to speed on current Wolverine Pride events, take the pledge at

Dasheek Akwenye

Dasheek Akwenye  -  Wolverine Pride Chairperson  -

DaSheek was born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia and came to the U.S on a Track & Field scholarship. He is a former UVU student-athlete from 2002 to 2004 and is a previous UVU 400m record holder. DaSheek loves everything UVU and UVU athletics for giving him the opportunity to overcome adversity and teaching him what it means to succeed as a “student” first and “athlete” second.  Enrolling into college as a first generation international student, DaSheek has had to overcome a variety of personal challenges that have helped him aspire to grow professionally as well as personally.

DaSheek received his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Communications and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Utah State University. During his time as a student athlete, DaSheek was a recipient of the Aggie Achievement Award for his outstanding ability to overcome personal challenges as a student-athlete at Utah State University and succeed both in and out of the classroom.

DaSheek has served on various committees on campus.  He is most passionate about being part of the inclusion committee, which helps better serve the diverse community of students that come from all walks of life feel welcome, safe, and at home at UVU. He thoroughly enjoys interacting and helping students find their niche on campus and chase their passions through engaging recreational programming offered within his department of Campus Recreation & Wellness and complimenting that with their academic experience.

DaSheek and his wife have four beautiful kids. He loves all dimensions of exercising for fun and enjoys spending time with his family, playing a variety of sports, and attending Wolverine sporting events with his kids.