PACE Senators

Darel Hawkins

Academic Affairs  -  Anthony Morris  - 

Anthony has been working as Fulton Library’s Technical Services Librarian since 2014.  He works to keep many of the behind-the-scenes processes in the library running smoothly, and acts as library liaison for the Music and Philosophy & Humanities departments.  During his time at UVU, Anthony has been active in participating in many of UVU’s committees and communities, including time as the Senate Librarian for the Faculty Senate, an Advisory Board member of the Scholar & Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team (SCULPT), and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  He has very much enjoyed participating in the larger UVU community and would like to continue to contribute as a PACE Academic Affairs Senator. 



Academic Affairs  -  Dan Zacharias  -

Dan was able to combine his passion of learning with his experience with information technology at UVU. Dan has been facilitating education at UVU since 2010.

He has a strong work ethic and strives to solve problems for faculty, staff, and students. Dan is also a bit of a goof ball, plays a usual game of golf too.

In his free time, he seeks opportunities to make people laugh, continue learning, and applying his knowledge and skills to help make the world a better place.


Trevor Morris

Academic Affairs  -  Trevor Morrise  -



Bonnie Mortensen

Academic Affairs  -  Bonnie Mortensen  -



Darel Hawkins

Academic Affairs  -  Kim Wright  -

I was an Academic Affairs Senator from 2013-2015 and helped shape the current mission statement, goals, and objectives of PACE.  I miss being more involved with university issues and would enjoy the opportunity to be involved again. I would love to serve as the Professional Development Committee Chair this time around.

I am a strong believer in education so that we can become life-long learners and leaders. I believe we all need to be challenged and pushed out of our comfort zones in order to grow professionally and personally.  Participating in PACE is another way I can help encourage others to continue to learn and expand their horizons.



Darel Hawkins

Alumni & Development  -  Julie Stowe  -

Julie Stowe was born and grew up in rural Maine. She earned a B.A. in English at the University of Maine at Farmington and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Virginia. She worked at the University of Virginia, Kent State University, and Colby College before coming to UVU in 2012. Since moving out west with her cat (who passed away last year at the age of 18), Julie has visited 11 national parks in the region and several Utah state parks and points of interest. As alumni and development senator, her goals would be to address employee concerns and to improve morale.


John Bair

Finance & Administration  -  Justin Hansen  - 

Justin started working at UVU in 2016 as the Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator.  His responsibilities include efforts to ensure the health and safety of all employees, and students on campus.  His efforts include safety training for employees, conducting safety inspections, and reviewing activities for safety related issues.  He chairs the UVU Safety Committee and is a member of the Emergency Preparation Advisory Council.   Prior to working for UVU, He work for over fifteen years in industry as a Safety Manager. His experience also includes, managing an industrial wastewater pre-treatment facility and compliance programs for a large quantity hazardous waste generator.  Justin graduated from UVU, and studied industrial hygiene at Utah State University.  He holds numerous certificates in related safety and environmental topics.  Justin enjoys teaching and helping others.  He shows compassion for all his fellow employees and is truly concerned for the safety of each individual with whom he interacts. Justin is eager to help support UVU in any way possible.

Justin enjoys all things outdoors. He loves fishing, hiking, camping, shooting, golfing (although he openly admits that he is not very good), and four wheeling.  Justin also enjoys auto and home repair.  He likes to gardening and loves to fix or build new things.   He is a supporter of autism research and spends much of his time helping is autistic children and family members. 


John Bair

Finance & Administration  -  John Bair  -



Finance & Administration  -  Jeff Anderson  -

Jeff Anderson started working at UVU in November 2017 as the Software Engineer 2 – Finance in Administrative Programming Services.  He wanted to learn more about the institution and bring the perspective of new employees to UVU government, so he ran for one of the PACE Finance & Administration Senator positions.  Senator Anderson now focuses on representing IT employees and new employees within Finance & Administration.  He is a member of the Marketing & Communications Committee and the Bylaws Committee.  When not representing you, he may be found trying to find a parking spot, doing his real job, at one one the 100s of restaurants in the area, thinking about playing a video game, or playing guitar at home. 


Jon Barclay

Finance & Administration  -  Jon Barclay  -




Planning, Budget, & HR  -  Terri Fredrickson  -

Terri has worked at UVU for 5 years in the Human Resources area of Planning, Budget and HR.  She has extensive experience in talent management, compensation and training not only from UVU, but from the private sector as well. She graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science minoring in both Business and Psychology and currently holds a PHR (Professional Human Resources certification).  She loves helping people achieve their goals and find success in their endeavors.  She is mom to 3 active boys and 2 grown stepchildren. 



Beka Grulich

Student Affairs  -  Marissa King  -

Marissa is a born and raised Wolverine! She attended UVSC as an undergraduate earning her Associates and Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science. While pursuing her undergraduate education Marissa developed a love and passion for student leadership and involvement.

Following graduation Marissa continued her education at the University of Utah completing her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy with an emphasis in Student Affairs. In 2010, Marissa was hired full time at UVU as the Coordinator of Clubs. Today she continues her work with student groups as the Director of Student Leadership and Involvement.

Marissa is passionate about student development in and out of classroom and couldn’t be more thrilled with her “dream job” where she has the opportunity to interact with the staff and students of UVU on a daily basis. 




Student Affairs  -  Jenice Schultzke  -



Student Affairs  -  Karen Deysher  -

Karen Deysher has served as the Program Director of LGBT Student Services at Utah Valley University since Fall 2015. She holds a Master of Public Administration, Master of Social Work, and Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Her experience as a generalist social work practitioner has included the provision of services to individuals, groups, families, and communities in the fields of mental health, public housing and homelessness, LGBTQ advocacy, and higher education. Presently, Karen is the co-chair of the College Access Network of Utah: LGBTQ Student Advocacy Committee, co-chair of the Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Task Force at UVU, member of the Inclusion Committee at UVU, and mentor to Spectrum: Queer Student Alliance at UVU.


Valarie Browning

 Student Affairs  -  Valarie Browning  -

Valarie is proud to be a UVU Alumnus. She graduated in 2007 with her Bachelor of Science, as an honors graduate in Information Technology with an emphasis in Administrative Information Management and in 2004 with her Associate degree in Applied Science Business Management. She has worked at UVU since 2012 in the Care About Childcare agency, which is a program of UVU that serves the community. She enjoys helping families and child care providers with their individual needs. She loves working for this great university that gave her the education and skills needed for her professional success.

Valarie likes volunteering at many UVU and community functions and have served as a PACE committee member since 2014 on committees like Events and Employee Recognition. Being a PACE Senator is a wonderful opportunity for her to give back to UVU and support fellow employees as we all serve UVU, the students, and the community.

Valarie delight in spending time with family, teaching dance classes to youth and adults, and doing anything outdoors.




Student Affairs  -  Shari Warnick  -

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 ½ years of employment with the University as Art Director. We have a wonderful team of Creative Services, Marketing, Public Relations and Broadcast Services all working under the University Relations umbrella. It has been exciting to be a part of the team creating the marketing and branding that has represented this fast-growing University. I’m excited to see what the next 10 years will hold.

About me, I graduated from BYU with a BFA in graphic design, and spent the first 6 years of my career working and teaching at BYU before leaving to start my own Design and Event Production company. After 25 years of self-employment, it was time to come back and work with a large, supportive team, and I have enjoyed it all. I have three wonderful teenagers, two of which will be attending UVU in the fall.