2013-2014 Full Time Distinguished Employee Winner Bios

Samuel Banford
Samuel Banford, Academic Advisor, English & Literature
Sam is from San Antonio, TX. Samuel has worked at UVU since 2008 when he was an Administrative Support II in the English & Literature department. He has been an advisor for the same department since 2010. Last fall, Samuel co-presented a concurrent session at the 2013 National NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) conference titled, "Why Writing Matters: A Case for Composition Courses." Samuel enjoys spending his free time with his partner, Alex, their cat, Betty, and their two dogs: a cavalier king Charles named Edward and a Chihuahua named Ximena, watching movies or playing videogames. In his words, “the greatest thing about working at UVU is being able to play a part within a student's academic journey.”

Clint Burgi
Clint Burgi, Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Information, Athletics
Clint is from Orem. He worked as a student producer and sports editor for NetXNews back in the late 90’s before taking a job at Channel 4 in Salt Lake City. He has been with athletics at UVU since 2004. He is married with three kids (Halle – 14) and twin seven-year-old boys (Carter and Kenji).
In his words, “the greatest aspect of working at UVU is the people, especially those that have a similar path that I do: go to UVU, graduate and then eventually come back because they love the school. Also the student athletes are great and to be able to share their successes and even their failures is an honor.”

Eileen Crane
Eileen Doyle Crane, J.D, University Prelaw Advisor & Coordinator, Prestigious Scholarships, ACC
Eileen is originally from San Leandro, CA. She has served as President of the Western Association of Prelaw Advisors (WAPLA) for six years; as the Chair of the Prelaw Advisors National Council for two years; as a Certified Fellowship Advisor for the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA); and as the UVU Title III Student Success & Retention Federal Grant Project Director for three years. She was awarded the University College Staff Award for 2014. In addition to these accomplishments she is married to D. Russell Crane, professor of Marriage & Family Therapy at BYU; mom of eight children; nana to eleven grandkids; and she loves to garden, cook, and travel.
In her words, “I enjoy the diversity of people, students, staff, and faculty of UVU. I work with a great group of people in the ACC and around campus in many departments. I have made really dear friendships with many of my students and colleagues here. I feel supported in all the projects I like to create and administer. I have a great boss. I enjoy the mission of University College and how it serves almost all UVU students.”

Jason Mckenna
Jason McKenna, Coordinator of Speech-to-Text Services, Accessibility Services
Jason is from Orem. He is the proud sibling of 7 brothers and 6 sisters. He loves backpacking, rock climbing, traveling and mountaineering.
In his words “I love being in an educational setting. What we do is more than just fulfilling a task. We help our students achieve greatness. UVU is always changing and it is a place of growth. This affords us the opportunity to grow with the university and to ensure that the systems and people are in place to enable our students to flourish. This is an environment where we can not only exist, but we can progress.

Susan Palmer
Susan Palmer, Administrative Assistant, VP Student Affairs
She came to UVU in 2001 to complete a BS degree and never left. She is married to Doug Palmer who also works at UVU, has 5 children and 8.5 grandchildren. Her family is her hobby. She was hired FT in HR as an administrative assistant to Nancy Bartlett, moved to manager of Employment and then as Administrative Assistant to VP Cory Duckworth. In her words, “the greatest thing about working at UVU is the people! I’ve had so many opportunities to get to know others allover campus by working on committees and assignments. There is always something new to do!”

Curtis Puzey
Curtis Puzey, Project Manager, Marketing and Communications
He is from Fullerton, CA and has been married to his amazing wife, Norma, for 24 years. They have two children; a daughter who is attending UVU and a son who is a senior in high school. He will be attending UVU when he returns from a church mission in Santiago, Chile. He leaves on July 30. Curtis feels very fortunate to be part of a large family. He loves all things outdoors and enjoys cheering on the basketball team. They went as a family to Las Vegas for the tournament and he says it was probably the highlight of this year so far. In his words, “the best thing about working at UVU is the team I work with in Marketing. I am fortunate enough to work with consummate professionals. I have no doubt their talent is the reason I am receiving this award. The good people I work with are dedicated to our students’ success and the mission of this university; their enthusiasm is contagious and helps motivate me.
The second best part is the chance to be part of something that makes a real difference in people’s lives, our community, and society as a whole. Our students are changing the world around us. I get to hear about it on a constant basis and I feel privileged to be a tiny part of it.
Last but certainly not least are the faculty and staff in every department, school, program and campus. Every time I interact with the various groups on campus I find myself in awe. Collectively we are much more than the sum of our parts. What we are accomplishing here at UVU is truly incredible.”

Malinda Randall
Malinda Randall, Administrative Assistant III, Career Development Center
She lived in Orem until she was 13 and then moved to a VERY small town in Southern Utah named Enterprise. She has three boys ages 20, 18 and 12 (they really are no longer boys, but they will always be boys in her eyes). She enjoys road biking, soccer, hanging out with her boys and reading. She also enjoys the outdoors especially during spring and fall. She hates running and tries very hard to never have to run but she does great cartwheels. She would love to have a job where she gets paid very well to eat, visit with people, and travel. So, if any of you know of any opportunities, please be sure and let her know. In her words, “the greatest aspect of working at UVU is the people I work with. I have worked in several departments across campus and have found wonderful people in every department I have worked in. I think the people at UVU are the ones who make this such a great place to not only work, but to attend school.”

Michael Snapp
Michael Snapp, Director, Career Development Center
Michael is originally from exotic Springville. His favorite professional experiences are still those that are more personal…it’s all about the individuals, whether they be students, staff or faculty. He is driven by five main passions 1) Family 2) Faith 3) Fitness 4) Friends 5) Common Sense. He is married to Kimmie for 21 years now and they have five kids. He is a published author with other books in progress. In his words, “the greatest thing about working at UVU is the students…period!”

2013-2014 Part Time Distinguished Employee Winner Bios

Brandon Bolander
Brandon Bolander, Media Services Tech III, Media Services
Brandon comes to us from Salt Lake City, UT. Bandon is married to Kierstyn. He graduated this year with a BFA in Illustration, He loves to draw and travel with his wife, and their current favorite place is Hawaii. In his words, “the greatest thing about working at UVU is the satisfaction of helping faculty to provide a richer teaching experience to the students.”

Trent Boyer
Trent Boyer, Orientation Coordinator, First Year Experience and Student Retention
Trent was Born in Arlington, Texas and raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Some of his professional experience includes Volunteer and Service Learning Executive Service Council, UV Mentor, Education Senator of UVUSA, and Anatomy Lab Student Teaching Assistant. He is the youngest of 5 children. I have been married to my wife, Ashley, since October 2009. We just had our first child, Blake. He was born this January. I also love snowboarding and golfing.
In his words, “I love working with my coworkers and helping students get started here at UVU. I really enjoy working with students who are excited to be a Wolverine. Those kinds of students help me to maintain my enthusiasm and excitement. My coworkers and I have a great time working together. We know how to work hard and we also have a lot of fun.”

Jame Knudsen
Jamie Knudsen, Disbursement Specialist, Finance and Business Services
Jamie hales from Pleasant Grove. In her words, “the greatest thing about working at UVU is the people I work with who make all the difference to me. We all want to do our jobs to the best of our abilities and we really just want to help students have a better experience here. My job isn’t anything without the people I get to associate with.”

Katie Poole
Katie Poole, Typewell Transcriber, Accessibility Services Department
Katie is from Provo and was selected in 2011 as the Accessibility Services Part-time Employee of the Year. She enjoys a close relationship with her parents and siblings, all of whom live locally, and she loves hanging out with them and her wonderful 6-year-old nephew. She also enjoys walking, jigsaw puzzles, and anything to do with animals, including her two beloved pet cats. In her words, “the best thing about working at UVU is the people! I really love the optimism, friendliness, and collaborative spirit of everyone at UVU, employees and students alike.”