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Wolverine Sighting Award

The Wolverine Sighting Award is an employee recognition award sponsored by PACE, UVU's Professional Association of Campus Employees. The award seeks to recognize staff members who support student success, foster a culture of professionalism and excellence, benefit the UVU community, or promote opportunities for diversity in their approach to service at UVU. We will be drawing winners MONTHLY from those recognized and the awards include, in addition to the recognition post card, either a $25 UVU gift card or a free dinner for 2 to the Riverside Country Club. Winners' pictures may be posted on the web for all to see.

Nominations may be submitted on an ongoing basis by community members, students, faculty, administration, or other staff members.

Wolverine Sighting Award

Distinguished Employee Award

Full-time and part-time employees of Utah Valley University are recognized for exceptional performance through the PACE Distinguished Employee Award program. Through these awards, exceptional UVU employees are acknowledged by their peers to be outstanding in their professions and to embody exemplary character traits and work ethics.

Candidates for this prestigious award are recognized to possess one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Contribute to advancing the core themes of UVU's unique mission (engaged, inclusive, serious, student success).
  • A tendency to contribute new ideas or processes.
  • An ability to create goodwill for UVU in the community and within their own departments.
Distinguished Employee Award


The PACE Scholarship is a $500 one time award available to juniors (60 credits) in a bachelor degree-seeking program with a 3.0 GPA. The students must be Utah residents and must have attended the two previous semesters with at least 6 credit hours.

The scholarship requires a Letter of Recommendation from a full-time staff member (not faculty) at Utah Valley University and a one page essay. The essay will be judged based on campus engagement, academic aspiration, and financial need.

The applications, letters of recommendation, and essays will be read and scored by the PACE Service and Scholarship Committee. Students who are returning to school after an absence are especially encouraged to apply.

PACE Members are encouraged to invite students to apply for the scholarship. Students can apply online through the scholarship application (see


Photo Galleries

PACE has recently started to collect photos of the different PACE events.  We are excited to share these with the PACE community.  These galleries will include photos from the Holiday Social, Summer University, service activities, and more.  Please return often to see the latest photos from our most recent events.  

Photo Galleries

Service Opportunities

UVU benefit eligible employees have the unique opportunity to Pay it Forward and stay on the clock for up to eight hours a year. By performing volunteer service as a representative of the University, you will build goodwill and much needed recognition for our educational purposes that can be obtained no other way. Let’s face it, there are needs all around us that can only be addressed and resolved by the hands of caring people.

In keeping with the spirit of this program, you are strongly encouraged to look for opportunities that you might not normally consider. This is not meant to diminish the value of everything UVU employees already do to contribute charitably in so many significant ways. It is meant to stretch UVU employees beyond the normal day to day kind acts that they already perform in order to maximize the potential of making a bigger difference by addressing a broader population of community needs.


How Can I Get Involved?

PACE is always looking for energetic individuals to help shape the direction of PACE.  An individual can be involved in many different ways.

  • Participate in PACE nominations and elections in May/June.
  • Many activities and service opportunities are continuously available for involvement. Staff have eight hours each leave year to use for service!
  • Four main PACE events are held each year. Attending these events is a fun way to get out of the office and socialize with other UVU employees, get updates on PACE, and hear from President Holland.
    • Staff Fall Forum(August)
    • Holiday Social(December)
    • Ice Cream Social(May, following Summer University concluding remarks)
    • Annual General Board Meeting(June)
  • Summer University offers a chance for staff to engage in personal and/or professional development, networking, family activities, workshops, and service projects.
  • Like something? Don’t like something? Have a suggestion or two? Provide feedback here.
  • Nominate colleagues for Wolverine Sighting Awards.
  • Talk to your Senators.
  • Attend general board meetings.