Past PACE Distinguished Employee Award Recipients

PACE Distinguished Employees Awards

Full-time and part-time employees of Utah Valley University are recognized for exceptional performance through the PACE Distinguished Employee Award program. Through these awards, exceptional UVU employees are acknowledged by their peers to be outstanding in their professions and to embody exemplary character traits and work ethics.  Award winners are recognized on the PACE Recognition Wall in the foyer of the Grande Ballroom.

Candidates for this prestigious award are recognized to possess one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Contribute to advancing the core themes of UVU's unique mission (engaged, inclusive, serious, student success).
  • A tendency to contribute new ideas or processes.
  • An ability to create goodwill for UVU in the community and within their own departments.
  • Must include specific, concrete and well written examples for each of the three focus areas

Award Criteria

Each year, up to eight full-time PACE employees are selected as Distinguished Employees of the Year and are awarded $1,000 each. Additionally, up to four part-time employees in non-student positions are selected and awarded $500 each.

Recipients of this award:

  • must have been employed full-time for three years or part-time for one year;
  • cannot have received the award in the previous five years;
  • have been chosen by the following process:

Voting Procedure

  • Peers complete the PACE nomination form and submit to the Chair of the PACE Employee Recognition Committee.
  • Nominees' names are then forwarded to the PACE Distinguished Employee Award Committee.
  • Upon submission to the Committee, nominees are all considered equal regardless of the number of nominations received.
  • The Committee evaluates candidates through nomination statements, supervisor comments and conversations with associates of the candidates.
  • The Committee then recommends up to eight full-time and up to four part-time (non-student position) candidates to the PACE Executive Board for final approval. The awards are presented by the PACE President, the President-Elect, and the Distinguished Employee Award Committee Members.

Current 2016-2017 Distinguished Employee of the Year Award Winners

Previous Distinguished Employee of the Year Award Winners

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2016-2017

Full Time:

  • John Berry

    IT Technology Support Services

    Director - Desktop Support

    Carolyn James

    Finance and Business Services

    Assistant Director - Business Services

    Helen Patterson



    Silvia Lobendahn

    Business Management

    Admin Support III

    Carol Mausser

    Legal Studies

    Admin Support III

    Mary Stephenson

    Concurrent Enrollment

    Academic Advisor

    Jennifer Agla


    Analyst I

    Anthony Morris


    Librarian – Technical Services


  • Spencer Ebert

    Veterans Success Center

    Coordinator – Veterans Services

    Ethan Kikuchi

    IT Administrative Computing

    Web Programmer

    Debbie Dodds

    Human Resources

    Assistant - Compensation

    Stacy Smither

    Alumni Relations

    Web Developer

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2015-2016

Full Time:

  • Robbin Anthony, Administrative Support, Student Life and Wellness
    Kimberly Barraclough, Administrative Assistant for VP of Student Affairs
    Lori Duke, Advisor, Behavioral Science
    Lisa Giguere, Advisor, Woodbury School of Business
    Amie Huntsman, Coordinator, Alumni Marketing and Membership
    Karen Merrick, Director, Teaching and Learning Support
    Kimberly Rollins, Assistant Director for the Library
    Nikki Scott, Associate Director, Athletics


  • Patrice Bolen, Administrative Assistant, Police Academy
    Ashlee Poulter, Tutoring Lab Assistant Coordinator, Science and Health
    Lindsay Watson, Web Developer, Development & Alumni
    Cindy Wilkinson, Administrative Assistant, School of Education

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2014-2015

Full Time:

  • Belinda Han, Director, The Center for the Advancement of Leadership
  • Candice Gardner, Executive Assistant to the President, Office of the President
  • Nicole Hemmingsen, Assistant Director - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Accessibility Services
  • Leisa Galloway, Administrative Support III, Institutional Research &apm; Information
  • Anne Morrey, Residency Coordinator, Admissions
  • Holley Cochran, Administrative Support III, Media Services
  • Clint Moser, Advisement Technology Coordinator, Advisor Training and Development
  • Rozanne Russell, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Finance & Business Services


  • Tracy Taylor, Administrative Support III, Volunteer & Service-Learning Center
  • Shelby Carter, Accounts Receivable Technician, Finance & Business Services

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2013-2014

Full Time:

  • Samuel Banford, Academic Advisor, English & Literature
  • Clint Burgi, Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Information, Athletics
  • Eileen Doyle Crane, J.D, University Prelaw Advisor & Coordinator, Prestigious Scholarships, ACC
  • Jason McKenna, Coordinator of Speech-to-Text Services, Accessibility Services
  • Susan Palmer, Administrative Assistant, VP Student Affairs
  • Curtis Puzey, Project Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Malinda Randall, Administrative Assistant III, Career Development Center
  • Michael Snapp, Director, Career Development Center


  • Brandon Bolander, Media Services Tech III, Media Services
  • Trent Boyer, Orientation Coordinator, First Year Experience and Student Retention
  • Jamie Knudsen, Disbursement Specialist, Finance and Business Services
  • Katie Poole, Typewell Transcriber, Accessibility Services Department

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2012-2013

Full Time:

  • Dustin Berlin, Director Aviation Online Education, School of Aviation
  • Maren Mather, Internship Coordinator, Internships Services
  • Sharon Bluth, Assistant Director, GEAR UP
  • Mark Stone, Technician, IT Service Desk
  • Tara Ivie, Academic Advisor, Behavioral Science
  • Matt Reichman, Assistant Director of Web Strategy, University Marketing and Communications
  • Patricia Howard, Director, Financial Aid & Scholarship, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Cameron Jarman, Technician, IT Service Desk


  • Julie Pierce, Graphic Designer, University Marketing and Communications
  • Shari Engelhardt, Administrative Assistant, SCUP
  • Trevor Morris, Program Coordinator, Faculty for Teaching Excellence
  • Steve Reich, Media Technician, Media Services and Engineering

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2011-2012

Full Time:

  • Brent Anderson, Women's Soccer Head Coach, Athletics
  • Kathy Johnson, Gift Accounting, VP Development and Alumni
  • Loretta King, Administrative Assistant, Theatre
  • MeriAnn Boxall, GEAR Up Counselor, GEAR Up
  • Rebecca Rothey, Administrative Assistant, Concurrent Enrollment
  • Ursula Sorensen, Associate Director, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Steve Crook, Director International Student Services, Internal Student Services
  • Cristina Pianezzola, Director of Planned Giving, Development and Alumni Relations


  • Ashlee Chatterton, Administrative Support, Career Development Center
  • Heidi Ryan, SCUP Counselor, School Community University Partnership
  • Karsten Eastman, TypeWell Transcriber, Accessibility Services
  • Teresa Walker, Speech-to-Text Service Provider, Accessibility Services

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2010-2011

Full Time:

  • Andrew Stone, Program Director, New Student Orientation
  • Grant Skabelund, Program Director, International Center
  • JC Graham, Program Coordinator, Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Kirk Young, Interim Director, Center for Advancement of Leadership
  • Marilyn Cobb, Oracle Developer, Information Technology
  • Michelle Chatterly, Assistant Registrar, Admission and Registration
  • Mikki O'Connor, Assistant Dean, Woodbury School of Business
  • Ron Whiting, Manager, Construction


  • Amy Grubbs, Specialist, Student Health Services
  • Morris Havea, Retention Tracker, Multicultural Center
  • Lina Helt, Administrative Support, Career and Technical Education
  • KayLynn Palmer, Administrative Support, School of Education

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2009-2010

  • Lindsay Astle, HR Representative, Benefits Human Resources
  • Sandra Koller, Administrative Support, VP Administrative/Legislative Affairs
  • Denise Vandevanter, Administrative Programming Director, IT Administrative Programming
  • Barbara Hammond, Assistant Dean, School of Arts/Assistant Dean for Advancement
  • Anne Arendt, Web Resources Services Director, University Marketing/Communications
  • Nikki Scott, Jr Accountant, Athletics Business Office/Athletics
  • Christine Renfro, Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Supervisor Student Health Services
  • Kerri Howlett, Assistant to the Dean, College of Science/Health

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2008-2009

  • Kyle Reyes, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Multicultural Center
  • Alexis Palmer, Director of Volunteer Services
  • Denise Fullmer, Pre-Nursing Advisor, Career & Academic Counseling Center
  • Peggy Pasin, Program Coordinator, Women's Resource Center
  • Thomas Hopkins, manager, Financial Services
  • Marc Jerome, Sr. Programmer Analyst, Administrative Programming Services
  • Margaret Bellon, Director, Graduation & Transfer Services
  • Ellen Draper, Administrative Support, Career Services & Student Employment

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2007-2008

  • Laurel Riding, Administrative Support, Student Leadership & Activities
  • Sean O'Donnell, Employment Manager, Human resource Services
  • Kathy Van Wagoner, Manager, Math Lab
  • Christine Bigelow, Administrative Support, Engineering Graphics & Design Technology
  • Lynn Siemer, Collections Manager
  • Mike Duffin, Director IT
  • Brianna Dummar, Administrative Support, English/Literature
  • Angie Menlove, Training Coordinator, Emergency Services

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2006-2007

  • Tina Carlisle, Catering Manager
  • Lilas Park, Academic Class Scheduling
  • Ellen Baker, Data Base Manager
  • Lesli Baker, Reference Librarian, Library
  • Elaine Miner, Administrative Support, Dance
  • Kurtis Olsen, Assistant Director, Telephone Services

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2005-2006

  • Jill Smith, Director of Prospective Student Services
  • Ellen Seat, Senior Budget Analyst
  • Don Tilley, Copying Services Manager
  • Adam Black, Career & Academic Counseling
  • Stacy Fowler, Distance Education
  • Brett McKeachnie, Information Technology Services

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2004-2005

  • Eva Bernfeld, Curriculum
  • Cindy Caruso, Turning Point
  • Elizabeth Davis-Butler, Aviation
  • Keith Lue, Career Employment Services
  • Alevtina Akinina, Custodial
  • Maryna Storrs, International Affairs

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2003-2004

  • Troy Simpson, High School to College Orientation
  • Michelle Lundell, Student Services
  • Laura Busby, Academic Scheduling
  • Judy Marindale, Human Resource Services
  • Jeff McClellan, Career & Academic Counseling
  • JoAnn Innes, Information technology

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2002-2003

  • Michelle Kearns, Financial Aid
  • John Thompson, Student Career Employment Services
  • Mario Markides, Aviation
  • Mary Young, Bookstore
  • Chris Medina, Electrician
  • Melynda Burt, College Relations

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2001-2002

  • Clay Allred
  • Jeana Miner
  • Linda Wickham
  • Lori Stevens
  • Dave Porter
  • Rheta McCammon

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 2000-2001

  • Louise Bridge
  • Tony Siebers
  • Dorice Galbraith
  • Vicki Snelson
  • Bonnie Cook
  • Ken Mathews

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 1999-2000

  • Margaret Lynn, Political Science
  • Marietta Evans, MATC
  • Neva Joy Hopkins, Accessibility Services
  • Tracy Adams, Computer Services
  • Kim Beck, SCUP

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 1998-1999

  • Mike Duffin, Computer Services
  • Lois Hicks, Issue Room
  • Jaime Winn, ECFS

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 1997-1998

  • Helen Kennington
  • Junko Watabe
  • Margaret Bellon
  • Tara Yates
  • Joyce Oliphant
  • Michael Jacobsen

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 1996-1997

  • Kristi Dockstader
  • Jolene Nuttal
  • Ann Lickey
  • Dan Lukins
  • Claudine Boothe
  • Richard Nielson

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 1995-1996

  • Julie Bagley
  • Bart Jacobs
  • Irene Young
  • Lynnae Marsing
  • Denise Pino
  • Rhondelle Rasmussen

Distinguished Employee of the Year Award 1994-1995

  • Nancy Bartlett
  • Mark Bezzant
  • Judy Bleggi