Wolverine Sighting Award

Have you spotted someone exceptional?

Catch a UVU staff member offering exceptional service or demonstrating exemplary performance and nominate them for the Wolverine Sighting Employee Recognition Award.

The Wolverine Sighting Award is an employee recognition award sponsored by PACE, UVU's Professional Association of Campus Employees. The award seeks to recognize staff members who support student success, foster a culture of professionalism and excellence, benefit the UVU community, or promote opportunities for diversity in their approach to service at UVU. We will be drawing winners MONTHLY from those recognized and the awards include, in addition to the recognition post card, one lucky Wolverine Recognition Award recipient will win a $25 UVU gift card and another lucky Wolverine Recognition Award recipient will win a voucher for dinner at Restaurant Forte located on the 1st level of the UCCU Center. It is run by students in the Culinary Arts program and the food is absolutely fabulous!

Nominations may be submitted on an ongoing basis by community members, students, faculty, administration, or other staff members.

wolverine sighting award

Award guidelines and requirements:

    • Nominees must be full - or part-time UVU staff employees (no student workers or work study)
    • Nominations are accepted year round (no deadline)
    • No minimum requirement for years of employment

June 2017 Wolverine Recipients


  • Tracy Aubrey
  • Connie Bond
  • Alex Marshall Snyder
  • Jared Haskell
  • Melissa Kimball
  • Rebecca Rothey
  • Mary Stephenson
  • Brandon Lewis
  • Laura Holden
  • Tracy Rockowitz
  • Sandra Koller
  • Ashley Phelan
  • Devin Raine
  • Rachel Armstrong
  • Melissa Braithwaite
  • Tracy Wilson
  • Ben Metzger
  • Joseph Peterson
  • Deanna Pitts
  • Bill Matthews
  • Jay Roberts
  • Tristan Christiansen
  • Jonathan Sanchez
  • Jacob Peterson
  • Benjamin Buss
  • Clay Allred
  • Cameron Martin
  • Sara Callor
  • Spencer Childs
  • Terri Fredrickson
  • Chris Medina
  • Grady Bowen
  • KC Graham
  • Rickey Hathaway
  • Joe Belnap
  • Kellie Hancock
  • Trevor Carter
  • Noelle Halasima
  • Ellen Sweat
  • Andrea Farrell
  • Trent Armstrong
  • Tim Stanley
  • Mindy Swenson
  • Lacey Hall
  • Russell Kent
  • Meagan Stout (2)
  • Cindy Braithwaite
  • Nicola Pritchett
  • Peter Beard
  • Leah Gunderson
  • Jena Giddings
  • Bradley Cornell
  • Jordan Doman
  • David Phillips
  • Brandi Pacchiega
  • Craig Moore
  • Carla Morgan
  • Olga Kopp
  • Angela Ward
  • Michelle Jeppson
  • Mark Leany
  • Brady Aste
  • Erik Koller
  • David Shumway
  • Steve Anderson
  • Matthew Duffin
  • Melissa Noyes
  • Wendy Wise
  • Russell Kent
  • Doreen Perry
  • Carole Ann Faust
  • Angie Duke
  • Landon Conover
  • Bert McClain (2)

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