Distinguished Employee Award

PACE Distinguished Employee Awards

Full-time and part-time employees of Utah Valley University are recognized for exceptional performance through the PACE Distinguished Employee Award program. Through these awards, exceptional UVU employees are acknowledged by their peers to be outstanding in their professions and to embody exemplary character traits and work ethics.  Award winners are recognized on the PACE Recognition Wall in the foyer of the Grand Ballroom.


Candidates for this prestigious award are recognized to possess one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Contribute to advancing the core values of UVU which are Exceptional Care, Exceptional Accountability, and Exceptional Results, which support our mission and action commitments of Include, Engage, Achieve, which leads to Student Success.
  • A tendency to contribute new ideas or processes.
  • An ability to create goodwill for UVU in the community and within their own departments.
  • Must include specific, concrete, and well-written examples for each of the three focus areas

Award Criteria

Each year, up to eight full-time PACE employees are selected as Distinguished Employees of the Year and are awarded $1,750 each. Additionally, up to four part-time employees in non-student positions are selected and awarded $1000 each.

Recipients of this award:

  • must have been employed full-time for three years or part-time for one year;
  • cannot have received the award in the previous five years;
  • have been chosen by the following process:

Voting Procedure

  • Peers complete the PACE nomination form and submit to the Chair of the PACE Employee Recognition Committee.
  • Nominees' names are then forwarded to the PACE Distinguished Employee Award Committee.
  • Upon submission to the Committee, nominees are all considered equal regardless of the number of nominations received.
  • The Committee evaluates candidates through nomination statements, supervisor comments, and conversations with associates of the candidates.
  • The Committee then recommends up to eight full-time and up to four part-time (non-student position) candidates to the PACE Executive Board for final approval. The awards are presented by the PACE President, the President-Elect, and the Distinguished Employee Award Committee Members.

2017-2018 Full Time Distinguished Employee Winners

Portrait of Jennifer Agla

Jennifer Agla

Analyst I, Payroll

Jennifer Agla is an analyst in the Payroll Department. Jennifer embodies the core themes of engaged and serious on a daily basis in her payroll position through her interactions with departments and employees, her attention to detail in her work, and her understanding of payroll systems and processes.

Portrait of John Berry

John Berry

Director, Desktop Support

John Berry is the Director of Desktop Support in the IT Technology Services Department. John provides opportunities for other employees from different departments, primarily the service desk, to work with the technicians, providing them experience that will allow them to succeed and improve in their current job; John's focus is making the school better and improved.

Portrait of Carolyn James

Carolyn James

Assistant Director, Business Services

Carolyn James is an Assistant Director - Business Services in the Finance and Business Services Department. Carolyn leads by example. She has been able to grow close to those she supervises, and develop a caring attitude towards them, while maintaining professionalism and the ability to set goals and expectations.

Portrait of Silvia Lobendahn

Silvia Lobendahn

Administrative Support, Business Management

Silvia Lobendahn is Administrative Support for Business Management in the Woodbury School of Business. Ten years ago, Silvia started the volunteer program that currently provides the Latino Initiative with ushers, caterers, custodians, and entertainers. In the last three years, Silvia volunteered her time and talents to serve as the coordinator for different aspects of the celebration.

Portrait of Carol Mausser

Carol Mausser

Administrative Support, Legal Studies

Carol Mausser is Administrative Support for the Legal Studies department within the Woodbury School of Business. Carol has been invaluable to the development of this department because of her inclusive perspective that simultaneously calms all concerns while bringing focus to achieving departmental goals.

Portrait of Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris

Librarian - Technical Services, Fulton Library

Anthony Morris is a Librarian Technical Support within the Fulton Library. Anthony has organized and piloted on-site and mobile reference in the GT building, bringing the library's services to arts faculty and students, rather that passively waiting for those with music library needs to come to him.

Portrait of Helen Patterson

Helen Patterson

Counselor, Gear-Up Program

Helen Patterson is a counselor in the Gear-Up Program. Helen volunteers her time to serve as a club advisor at local high schools, which allows GEAR UP students to participate in an extracurricular activity that offers them leadership and volunteer/service opportunities and experiences that many of them are not able to pursue in other clubs and campus organizations.

Portrait of Mary Stephenson

Mary Stephenson

Academic Advisor, Concurrent Enrollment

As an academic advisor to concurrent enrollment high school students, Mary makes herself available through office hours AND visits to the high schools in our service area, including the high school and junior high counselors by meeting with them each semester for training and mentoring.

2017-2018 Part Time Distinguished Employee Winners

Portrait of Debbie Dodds

Debbie Dodds

Compensation Assistant, Human Resources

Debbie Dodds is a Compensation Assistant within the Human Resources Department. Debbie is well versed in education, she supports the core theme, Student Success, by assisting all departments with their compensation needs so that they can hire quality people to support the needs of the students.

Portrait of Spencer Ebert

Spencer Ebert

Coordinator, Veterans Services

Spencer Ebert is a Coordinator for the Veterans Services Department. Spencer shares the spirit of inclusiveness in the way that he treats every student with the same level of care, from the moment they walk in the door of the office, by supporting our military veterans and their dependants with respect and honor.

Portrait of Ethan Kikuchi

Ethan Kikuchi

Web Programmer, Web Development Services

Ethan Kikuchi is a Web Programmer within Web Development Services - IT Administrative Computing. This year, Ethan has initiated the development and communication of information distributed to students (via the web) regarding resources for their success including: Writing Center, Math Lab, Academic Tutoring, Academic Counseling, and Academic Standards.

Portrait of Stacy Smither

Stacy Smither

Web Developer, Alumni Relations

Stacy Smither is a Web Developer with Alumni Relations. Stacy built the entire ordering form for Cap & Gown distribution but also helped the Graduation office in collecting information regarding if they are planning to attend the ceremonies or not and helped write our graduation regalia policy.