PACE Student Scholarship

Submit a Letter of Recommendation

Make a Donation

The PACE Student Scholarship is a one-time award. Students must meet the following requirements to qualify for the scholarship:

  • be enrolled in a UVU degree-seeking
    bachelor’s program
  • have obtained junior status (60+ credits)
  • maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • have attended the previous two semesters at UVU with at least 6 credits each semester (may skip Summer)
  • be a resident of the State of Utah
  • attend at least 6 credit hours per award semester
  • provide an essay expressing desire to complete a Bachelor’s degree at UVU
  • a letter of recommendation must be submitted to the Scholarship office from a supportive part-time or full-time (non-faculty/ non-teaching position) UVU staff member.

  • the student must complete and submit the online scholarship application by the Continuing Student Deadline (March 1). The application can be found at

How Do I Donate To The PACE Scholarship?

PACE has partnered with the Athletics Department to create a new PACE Wolverine Club that maximizes our contributions by not only providing scholarships for staff–referred students, but also provides scholarships for student athletes and gives the donating staff member rewards as well.

  • $5.00 Minimum Payroll Deduction
    ($5 Per Month = $60 Per Year)
  • $10.00 Per Payroll Deduction Encouraged
    ($10 Per Month = $120 Per Year)
  • Additional Deductions/Amounts Available
    (See the PACE Wolverine Club brochure for all donation levels)

100% of all funds donated goes directly to student scholarships.

How Do I Nominate a Student For The Scholarship? 

Make a difference in the academic success of a UVU student by submitting a referral letter for a student applying for the scholarship.  It involves  three simple steps:  

 Staff Nominator Checklist

  • Familiarize yourself with the PACE Student Scholarship requirements listed above
  • Select a student to nominate for the PACE Student Scholarship
  • Inform the student of your intent to write the required letter of recommendation
  • Inform student they must apply by March 1 through UVU’s online scholarship application
  • Write your letter of recommendation
  • Follow-up with the student to ensure that they have submitted the scholarship application

Additional Information

The student applies through their myUVU account. Under the “Student” tab, the applicant will select “Financing and Paying for Your Education.” From there, under the “Financial Aid” section, the applicant will select “Scholarship Application.” At the appropriate point in the general application process, the student will select that they are also applying for the PACE Student Scholarship.


PACE Student Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Luz Loaeza, Zachary Cromar, Lucile Walbeck, and Ty Shields!! They were honored at the Staff Fall Forum in August. Luz Loaeza is a Senior, Finance major with a minor in Accounting. She is excited to use her degree to represent the Hispanic Community and to give back. Zachary Cromar is a Senior, Biology major with an emphasis in Pre-Med studies. He is currently applying to medical schools. Lucile Walbeck is a Senior, Social Work major. She educates future foster families by presentations on adoption at their in-service training classes. Ty Shields is a Senior, Exercise Science major with an emphasis in Pre-Med studies. His dream is to become a physician that enjoys working with people, studying the art of the human body, and creating an atmosphere of hope for all of his patients.

And a big thank you to all who nominated students and for all those contributing to the PACE Student Scholarship and investing in our student success in completing their educational goals!