Parking Tips

It's no secret that parking can be a challenge at UVU. What does seem to be a secret to many is that it doesn't have to be. It just takes planning. What follows are tips and best practices for bringing a vehicle on campus. Before you get too deep into the list, here are a few online resources Parking Services provides:

Visitor Parking

The Sorensen Center Visitor Lot is closed permanently, so visitors have two options as alternates to the old SC visitor pay lot: First, they may stop by the main parking office in the Facilities Complex at 936 S. 400 W. (across the street from Lakeridge Junior High) and obtain a free visitor day permit that allows them to park in any student or employee zone on campus.

Second, they may also come to the Lakeside Visitor’s Lot (See Map A Below), which is an hourly pay lot. This is the lot just south of the Woodbury School of Business, right off the main roundabout. Here, visitors will be able to park as they need and simply pay the $2 per hour rate. If that lot happens to be full, check in with the parking booth attendant and they will be able to assist you in getting a visitor permit and get you parked as quickly and conveniently as possible. Read more about our visitor parking procedure on the Visitor Parking Page.

General Parking Tips

  • Congestion is highest between classes, so avoid arriving/departing at the top of the hour. If it’s possible, schedule your events at the half-hour, i.e. 8:30 a.m. instead of 9 a.m.
  • Preparedness and communication are key for campus events; please use the contact numbers below to ensure not only that your group has proper instructions for parking but also that the UVU campus community has made necessary preparations prior to your arrival. Roadside digital signage, for example, can be arranged through Parking Services to direct your guests to the correct lots.
  • UVU offers a continuous shuttle service for its students. Shuttle service for events can be arranged through UVU Parking Services for a cost.

Tips for Cars

  • UVU offers two large lots for large groups: L14 (500 stalls) and L9 (600 stalls). (See Map A Below)
  • UVU’s south roundabout entrance (off University Parkway) is frequently congested. If you are arriving southbound on I-15, it is recommended that you exit on Orem Center Street and access campus via 1200 West. If you are arriving northbound on I-15, or westbound on University Parkway, you can also access UVU at 400 West (across the street from Krispy Kreme). (See Map A Below)

Bus Requirements

  • Do not bring/invite buses to campus without first notifying UVU Parking Services.
  • It is mandatory that chaperones/event coordinators and bus drivers have cell phone communication.
  • Buses are not allowed to park on the main UVU campus Monday through Friday. They are allowed to pick up/drop off at campus venues, but if they wish to park for any amount of time, they have to use the Health Professions/West Campus lot or the Business Resource Center west lot. (See Map A Below)
  • Buses delivering people to the UCCU Center or Brent Brown Ballpark should arrive via College Drive (just south of 800 South) and drop off guests in the UCCU Center Visitor Lot (even for the Ballpark). No drop-offs are allowed on McKay Drive or on the road between Lots L3 and L4. (See Map B Below)


Parking Map



Bus Map

be patient

How to Park at UVU

By UVU Tech 1010 student Robert Haack

UVU Parking Classic

By William McCrery and his UVU Introductory Motion Graphics class

Key Contacts

  • Parking Services
    Main Line, (801) 863-8188
    Tena Medina, (801) 863-8103
  • Police
    Chief John Brewer, (801) 836-8320
  • VIP parking/guests
    Mike Maughan, (801) 863-8866
  • Campus event communication
    Matt Reichman, (801) 863-6808
  • Scheduling
    Connie Bond, (801) 863-8883
  • Scheduling (Sorensen Center)
    Leslie Farnsworth, (801) 863-8612