Current Projects On Campus

campus projects

1. 1200 South

End date: Done

1200 South has been permanently closed from UVU's main entrance roundabout up to the connector road between 1200 South and Campus Drive.

2. Campus Drive

End date: August 13

The portion of Campus Drive from UVU's main entrance roundabout up to the connector road between Campus Drive and 1200 South is closed until August 13. This closure is part of the pedestrian walkway project. The pedestrian tunnel running north-to-south underneath University Parkway opened May 3, 2012. However, until Campus Drive reopens, pedestrians should follow designated paths between campus and the mouth of the tunnel at 1200 South. The location of these paths may vary, so watch for signs.

3. University Parkway/Sandhill Road

End date: Done

UDOT implemented a new Continuous Flow Intersection here. See the "Projects Around UVU" section for important details.

4. Admissions Visitor Lot (Parking Meter Lot)

End date: August 20

The metered parking lot adjacent to UVU's main entrance is closed for cars until August 20. Until then, it is serving as a bus stop for UTA and campus shuttles.

5. Sorensen Center Visitor Lot

End date: December 2013

The Sorensen Center Visitor Lot closed permanently in June 2012. It is the future site of the $40-million, 170,000-square-foot Student Life and Wellness Building, which will take approximately 18 months to build. The project also includes an adjacent 534-stall parking structure.

6. The Bunnell Pioneer House

End date: Done

In conjunction with the construction of the new Student Life and Wellness Building from June 2012 to December 2013, the Bunnell Pioneer House has been removed and will be relocated in replica form near the Sparks Automotive Building.

7. Parking Lot L13 (south of the Library)

End date: December 2013

Parking lot L13 will close in June 2012 to serve as a staging area for the construction of the Student Life and Wellness Building and Parking Structure (see Project 5). The lot will reopen in its original form in December 2013.

8. Parking Lot L4 (west of the Library)

End date: N/A

In conjunction with the closures of L13 and the Sorensen Center Visitor Lot in June 2012 (see Projects 5&7 above) two rows of visitor parking and 100 additional employee stalls will be reserved in Lot L4. Departments that are sponsoring visitors should direct their visitors to the Lakeside Visitor Lot or the Facilities Complex (read about the new visitor parking procedure here

9. General Resurfacing

End date: Done

Throughout summer 2012, several roads and parking lots were repaved.


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