Additional Services

Additional Services offered by the UVU Parking Department

In addition to issuing permits and enforcing campus parking policy, Parking Services offers the following assistance to the UVU community:

  • Traffic control during certain events (as directed by the UVU Police Department)
  • Jump starting vehicles with a dead battery
  • Unlocking locked cars when keys are left inside
  • Aid in changing a flat tire when needed
  • Taking a customer to a gas station if their vehicle is out of fuel

Please call us at 801-863-8188 if you require assistance with anything listed above. For stolen/damaged vehicles and accidents, please contact the campus police at 801-863-5555.

EV Charging Stations Available on Campus

 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are available on campus for use by faculty, staff, students, and visitors based upon the following guidelines:

  • Only Electric Vehicles that are charging are allowed in charging station stalls.
  • Charging of electric vehicles is limited to charging station stalls only.
  • The maximum parking limit is 3 hours, unless otherwise stated.
  • Parking permits are required in permitted areas, unless otherwise stated.
  • Paid parking areas require hourly rate.
  • Citations will be issued for exceeding time limit and/or not actively charging.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located at numerous parking areas on campus

Vendor Permits

UVU Parking Services offers the following parking options for vendors on the UVU campus:


    • We offer a year long Vendor hangtag which allows 2 hours of parking in any service stall on campus, as well as unlimited parking in regular employee and student stalls. This permit costs $200 a year and is prorated from July to July. This permit may not be used to attend classes or by employees/students of the University. Citations may be issued for misuse of a vendor permit.


    • For those UVU departments that have frequent vendor visits, and wish to provide parking for these vendors, the department may purchase an annual vendor permit at the regular price ($200 per year, prorated) and simply loan it to their vendors as they arrive on campus, and collect it upon their exit. The permit would be the responsibility of the department, including any citations for misuse.


    • Vendors may also park in any visitor pay lot, as long as they pay the posted rate for the lot.


  • Contractors working on current construction projects for UVU may obtain validation codes for parking in pay lots for the duration of the project at a reduced rate. These codes are to be arranged through Space Management/Facilities/Purchasing during the planning stages of the project.

Parking Map, Online Services, Questions

UVU Parking Map

Click on the link below to view parking options and lots. Along with accessibility, bike and motorcycle parking. Parking Map

UVU Parking Regulations

Click on the link below for UVU Parking Regulations for students, employees and visitors to UVU. Parking Regulations

Questions (Email)

Click on the link below to email Parking Services if you have a question or concern about parking on UVU campus. Email

Pay/Appeal Citations Online

Click on the link below to pay/appeal citations online. Note that citations may also be paid in the parking office. Citations must be appealed online before in-person appeals may be seen.
Pay/Appeal Citations

Parking Permits Online

Click on the link below to apply for a parking permit. Note that permits may also be obtained in the parking office.                                                                                          Parking Permit