Event Parking Procedures

This page is a resource regarding parking logistics for departments and entities hosting events/conferences on the Utah Valley University campus.

Parking should be considered at the very beginning of the event planning process. Community events on campus should be planned in a manner that lessens the impact on UVU student parking. Event parking in student and employee lots is free of charge Saturdays and Sundays (visitor pay lots and the parking garage require payment between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. seven days a week). Events that fall within these "free of charge" time frames will not incur charges from Parking Services for parking needs at their events (charges for traffic control, if required, may be incurred). We highly recommend that event hosts attempt to plan community events on weekends whenever possible to allow UVU students ample parking to attend classes during the week. Any vehicle parked at UVU on a weekday must have a valid student or employee permit, or be parked in a paid stall in a visitor pay lot.

If your event will require vehicle parking on campus on a regular school day at Utah Valley University, the following procedures need to be followed in order to plan parking needs for the event:

    • Any event that will require specific parking arrangements on campus must be coordinated with Parking Services at least 15 business days prior to the event start date. Entities that are planning events can contact our department at 801-863-8188 for assistance. Event hosts that do not arrange with Parking Services before this 15 day window may be subject to a late charge. Also, note that all parking arrangements should be made with Parking Services prior to sending flyers, emails, notices, bulletins, etc. to event attendees. Parking Services will not be responsible for any unauthorized parking information given to attendees.


    • Event hosts are generally asked to utilize the Parking Garage and Lakeside Visitor Lot for their event parking when the event parking will occur on a weekday. Regular rates apply and departments can decide whether they want each attendee to pay at the pay stations, or the department can purchase validation codes for their guests. Validation codes cost $1 per hour or $10 full-day rate per car. The hosting department is responsible for communicating the validation codes to attendees prior to the event date, as well as securing the codes. There are no refunds on validation codes. If you need validation codes, contact Parking Services at VALIDATIONCODES@uvu.edu or 801-863-8188 (please allow two business days for the codes to be created and returned to you).


    • Events that are determined to be larger than our visitor parking facilities can provide (we have roughly 600 visitor stalls on campus) need to make special arrangements with Parking Services at PARKING@uvu.edu or 801-863-8188. In cases of very large events, the parking department will determine the need and procedure for the event's parking logistics. When an event requires parking outside of our pay lots, a fee per lot of $500 a day will be assessed to the hosting department/entity for use of these lots. These larger events may also require the payment of traffic control charges, which are determined on a case-by-case basis through the parking department and campus police. There is no free event parking available on campus while school is in session. Certain events, such as commencement, are exempt from these procedures. Only campus administration has the ability to authorize the exemption of an event regarding these procedures.


Note that buses are not allowed to park on the UVU campus. When buses are used to bring people to an event at UVU, the bus may come on campus to drop off and pick up their passengers only. Off-site bus parking arrangements can be made during the event planning process with Parking Services.

The purpose for these procedures is to ensure parking for events is safe, adequate, and properly communicated to attendees ahead of time. The other purpose is to protect valuable parking resources in the student lots for UVU students. For any questions or information on arranging event parking, please contact Parking Services at PARKING@uvu.edu or call 801-863-8188, for help arranging validation codes for your guests contact Parking Services at 801-863-8188 or VALIDATIONCODES@uvu.edu.