Online Employee Parking Permit Form

If you are not a current classified part-time or full-time salaried UVU employee, do not fill out this form! Also remember that any part-time employee enrolled in more than 6 credit hours of classes is not eligible for an employee parking permit.

Please fill out this form in its entirety in order to apply for renewal of your employee parking permit privileges. Part-time classified employees must renew their parking privileges each semester. Employee permits are available three weeks before the start of the semester. Full time employees should fill out this form annually in August. If you need a disabled parking permit, those cannot be obtained online as we must verify your state issued disabled credentials, please contact our office if you need a disabled permit.

As an employee, you may associate up to three vehicles to your parking permit. Only one of these vehicles is allowed on campus at any given time. Any vehicle entered on this form must also be owned by the employee. If you have a new vehicle that does not yet have license plates, please do not use this form, call Parking Services at 801-863-8188 and we can assist you with the new vehicle.

Parking Services will review your application and verify your employment/student status before renewing your parking permit. We will email you ONLY if an issue is found with your application. You will not receive a response from us unless there is an issue. (All fields are required except for the 2nd and 3rd vehicle information fields)

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Remember that you will not receive a response from us unless there is an issue with the application.