Student Parking Permit Information

To purchase your student permit you will need the following: (Also remember you may purchase your permit online )

  • Your UVID
  • The license plate number and make/model info for the vehicle you will be driving to campus, up to two vehicles are allowed per permit - maximum.
  • No form is required to purchase a permit, only one permit per student is allowed.
  • Yellow and Purple permits are available online or in our office.
  • If you are obtaining a disabled parking permit, please bring in your state issued disabled placard with you to the parking office.
  • If you are purchasing a permit using a sponsored account such as Department of Veterans Affairs, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, or other third-party, those permits can only be obtained at the main parking office. If your sponsor needs to fax the documentation, our fax number is: 801-863-7379.

When not purchasing online, bring information to:

Utah Valley University Parking Services
936 S. 400 W.
Orem, UT 84058

(In the Facilities Complex, across the street from Lakeridge Junior High School.)

Students may now update permit information online by visiting the Parking Portal.

Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

Motorcycles/Scooters are not required to display a parking permit as long as they are parked in designated motorcycle parking areas on campus. These areas are restricted to motorcycles and scooters only. Motorcycles may not park in regular vehicle stalls. Motorcycles or scooters parked on campus in zones other than those marked for motorcycles will be cited.

Designated motorcycle parking areas that do not require the use of a permit are marked on the Parking Map.

Motorcycle parking stalls located in the Parking Garage are numbered and motorcycles/scooters parking in the garage must pay the posted rate.

Employee Parking Permit Information

Employees may update their permit information online using the Parking Portal.  Full time employees must renew their parking privileges annually in August. 

Part time and adjunct faculty employees (taking 6 or fewer credit hours of classes) need to renew their permit each semester, renewals are open April 1st, August 1st, and December 1st, simply use the Parking Portal. Part-time employee permits expire at the end of each semester (generally the end of April, August, and December). Please remember to renew your part-time employee permit prior to its expiration. Part-time employees taking more than 6 credit hours of classes and all student employees are not eligible for employee parking privileges.

Employees obtaining/renewing a disabled employee permit, are required to verify their state placard with Parking Services. To obtain/renew a disabled parking permit, please email Parking Services at  You will need to include a photocopy of your placard in your email along with your vehicle(s) license plate information. Do not use the Parking Portal.

Each vehicle used by the employee to park on campus must be registered with a permit in parking services, please bring the license plate numbers and make/model information of your vehicles - up to three vehicles maximum. Only one of these vehicles is allowed on campus at any given time, a citation will be issued if multiple vehicles assigned to the same permit are found on campus at a time. Your employee permit is valid in any green employee lot, yellow student lot, or purple student lot. Employee permits are not valid in timed areas, visitor lots, or the parking garage.

You can obtain your permit online at our Parking Portal or stop in our office at 936 South 400 West in the Facilities Complex. We will verify employment status as well as registered classes at the time of permit issuance.

Permit Rules

To see the full list of UVU's Parking Regulations, click here.

  • UVU Student and Employee permits are digital permits. Your vehicle license plate number is assigned to the digital permit, which authorizes that vehicle to park in the appropriate zone for the specified permit.
  • A vehicle may only be associated to one permit at a time. If an employee and student swap cars on occasion, they must park the vehicle in the zone for which it is assigned.
  • Only one vehicle associated to a parking permit may park on campus at a time. If two vehicles are associated to the same permit and are found on campus at the same time, the second vehicle will receive a citation.
  • UVU utilizes License Plate Reader (LPR) technology to monitor parking on campus. Your vehicle license plate must face the roadway and be visible and clear of debris. Vehicles parked in a stall with no license plate facing the roadway will be cited.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to remember the expiration semester of their digital permit. Parking a vehicle associated to an expired permit will result in a citation.


Per Year
Per Semester
No Charge
(Year Only)
Parking Garage
(Year Only)

**Registration required for Purple permit**


UVU Parking Map

Click on the link below to view parking options and lots. Along with accessibility, bike and motorcycle parking. Parking Map

UVU Parking Regulations

Click on the link below for UVU Parking Regulations for students, employees and visitors to UVU. Parking Regulations

Questions (Email)

Click on the link below to email Parking Services if you have a question or concern about parking on UVU campus. Email

Pay/Appeal Citations Online

Click on the link below to pay/appeal citations online. Note that citations may also be paid in the parking office. Citations must be appealed online before in-person appeals may be seen.Pay/Appeal Citations

Parking Permits Online

Click on the link below to apply for a parking permit. Note that permits may also be obtained in the parking office.                                                                                          Parking Permit