UVU Parking Permits are Digital

UVU utilizes License Plate Recognition technology replacing the need for hangtags and stickers at the UVU campus. What this means for you, our students and faculty/staff, is you no longer need a hangtag on campus. Your license plate becomes your virtual permit on campus once it has been associated to a purchased permit record.

  1. Students - you can simply request your parking permit online through myUVU. Under the Student tab in myUVU, look in Campus Services under the Transportation and Parking section.  We can also serve you in our main parking office. Those students obtaining a disabled permit, or buying any permit on a sponsored account will need to come to the main parking office as these permits are not available online. Have your vehicle information ready when you purchase your permit as we associate the permit to your car at the time of sale. We cannot issue a permit without a valid license plate to assign it to.
  2. Employees - Employees can renew and update their permits online. If you have any questions regarding the status of your permit simply contact us at 801-863-8188.
  3. Visitors - all visitor parking on the UVU main campus is located in the Parking Garage, Admissions Meter Lot, or Lakeside Visitor Lot. These are hourly pay lots and anyone parking in these lots is required to pay the posted rates. UVU Parking Services no longer issues visitor permits.

Here are some tips regarding parking at UVU in regards to digital permits:

  • You must park in a stall with your license plate facing the roadway from which you entered the stall. To put it simply, if your vehicle does not have a front license plate, you will not be authorized to back into stalls on campus. A license plate must be facing the roadway. A citation will be issued if a license plate is not visible to the roadway.
  • Make sure the plate number you give us or enter is accurate, if you are even one digit off on the license plate number, the permit will not be associated properly and your vehicle may be cited. It is your responsibility to ensure your plate information is accurate. If you are in doubt, write down the plate number before purchasing the permit so you are not relying on memory only.
  • Be sure to only park vehicles that are associated to your parking permit when at UVU. If for some reason you need to drive a different vehicle that has not been associated to your permit, please contact us to add it to your permit. Any vehicle parked on campus that is not associated with a permit is subject to being cited.
  • We can only associate a vehicle to one permit. This means if you have a vehicle that is sometimes used by a student, and other times used by an employee, you will need to decide which permit to associate that vehicle to and only park in a stall where that permit is valid when using that vehicle. Parking a vehicle in a lot/area that is not valid for its current permit will result in a citation being issued.
  • If you have multiple vehicles associated to your permit, please note that only one of those vehicles are allowed on campus at a time. If a second vehicle associated to that permit is found on campus within 30 minutes of the first vehicle being on campus, it will be cited.
  • You may only park your vehicle in a lot that is authorized for the permit you purchased. If you obtained a purple permit, you can only park in a purple lot, if you purchased a yellow permit, you may park in any yellow lot or a purple lot. Employee permits are valid in all green, yellow, and purple lots.
  • Make note of when your permit expires at the time you obtain it (TIP: add the expiration date to the calendar in your email or smartphone). You are responsible to renew your parking privileges when the permit expires.
  • If you purchase a new vehicle and currently do not have the license plates, please call parking services and give us the temporary placard number and expiration date that should be displayed in the vehicle while the license plates are processed. We can add this temporary placard number to your permit to allow parking before your plates arrive. If you do not have a temporary placard, they can be obtained from the DMV. Please contact the DMV at their website: dmv.utah.gov or their toll-free number at 1-800-DMV-UTAH if you need a temporary placard for your vehicle.