Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Revised 2/22/2017)

Who can apply for Year 1?
Current 6th grade students.

What are the requirements to apply for UVU PREP?

  • Current report card
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Have a 90% or better in mathematics classes
  • 100-150 word essay about why you want to attend UVU PREP
  • 6th grade student enrolled in either the Alpine, Nebo, or Provo school districts

When does UVU PREP begin and end?
June 4 — July 19, 2018.

How many days a week is the program?
UVU PREP runs Monday-Friday for 7 weeks.

What time does UVU PREP begin and end each day?
8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Where is the program held?
UVU Orem Campus.

How much does this program cost
UVU PREP is offered at no cost to the participants.

When is the application deadline?
The application deadline is January 31, 2018.

What does my child need to bring every day?
Completed homework, a lunch or lunch money, a pencil, backpack to carry materials.

How will my child get to and from UVU each day?
You are responsible to provide transportation to and from UVU PREP each day for your child.

What courses will my student be taking?

  • Year One students:
    • Logic and Its Application to Mathematics
    • Introduction to Engineering
    • Problem Solving I
  • Year Two students:
    • Algebraic Structures
    • Introduction to Physics
    • Problem Solving II
  • Year Three students:
    • Introduction to Technical Writing
    • Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • Computer Science
  • All students will participate in daily Career Awareness Seminars, Research & Study, and the Strong Teen program.

What is the attendance policy?
Each child will be allowed three absences before probable dismal from the program.

Can my child miss days of UVU PREP to go to other camps (church camps, sports camps, etc.) or family vacations?
No, UVU PREP’s intensive curriculum moves quickly and students will fall behind if they miss even one day.

What if my child has been absent three days and then gets sick?
It is best to save the absences for family emergencies and sicknesses.

What is a “Zero Tolerance” policy?
A strict policy on obedience and cooperation is maintained. This means your child will be dismissed from the program for any of the following: cheating, bullying, disrespectful behavior, disregard for written or verbal rules, etc.

Will there be homework and how often?
Expect homework every night in every class. Homework should take 30 minutes to an hour per class.

Will I be able to help my student with their homework?
Because the homework is advanced math and science, we cannot guarantee that all parents will be able to help their children. We HIGHLY recommend the student take notes in class to take home both for homework help and to study.

What happens if my child does not complete a homework assignment?
After the third missed or incomplete homework assignment, the student will miss the upcoming Friday field trip and will stay at UVU campus in a study hall from 8:50 am until 12:00 pm where they can receive the help that they need to catch up.

What is a “teacher nomination”?
Each student applying for Year 1 is required to submit a teacher’s name, email address, and phone number into a survey (link provided on website). This teacher will receive an email with a link to a survey that they will fill out to rate the student regarding academic performance, conduct in class, willingness to participate in class, maturity, punctuality, eagerness to learn new things, etc.

Other Questions?

Lucy Castro
UVU PREP Program Coordinator