America Reads & Counts

America Reads is a national campaign introduced in 1997 to help our nation’s children learn to read well and independently by the end of elementary school.

For more information please contact Tonya Hunter at or 801.863.6593.

Spanish GED

The course is free and is designed to prepare students to take GED test.

El departamento de SCUP ofrece clases de GED y son GRATIS.

Para más información comuníquese con Lais Martinez al número telefónico 801-863-8838 o al correo electrónico

UVU Prep

UVU PREP is a seven-week, mathematics-based, academic enrichment summer program designed for students entering grades seven through nine. 

For more information please contact Lucy Castro at or 801.863.6356.


Golden Gate

For more information or questions about the Golden Gate Program, please contact Liz Andrus: Phone: 801-863-5800.

After School Programs

The SCUP department in partnership with United Way have a free tutoringprogram in the South Franklin Community Center. The tutoring center is for Elementary aged students.

For more information or questions about the Afterschool Programs, please contact Lais Martinez: Phone: 801.863.8838, Email:

Private Tutoring

Hiring a private tutor is a great way to receive the individualized help needed to study more effectively, gain confidence with difficult subjects, and improve scores in the classroom.

For more information please contact Whitney Olsen at or 801.863.8072.