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Electronic Form W-2s for 2021

Tax time is just around the corner and many of us will be anxious to get our tax refunds to pay off some holiday debt. Since W-2s are only issued once a year, some of us may have forgotten how to accesses our W-2 or maybe this is your first year receiving a W-2 from the University. As a reminder, UVU will issues electronic W-2s to all current and past employees, that received payroll earnings in the 2021 tax year, through myUVU. 2021 Electronic W-2s will be available in myUVU the end of January 2022. 

Below are some different ways you can access your 2021 electronic W-2 and/or your W-2 for past years (2020, 2019, etc.). 

* Call the UVU IT Service Desk for help with your myUVU password and Duo, 801-863-8888. 


  • Access the UVU web site at
  • Select the "myUVU” icon in the upper right corner 
  • Select "sign in" and enter your UV ID and password and select “Login” * 
  • You will need to complete the Duo two-factor authentication process to enter myUVU *
  • In myUVU, select the “Employees” tab and "Payroll and Time Clock" 
  • Select “Electronic W-2", under "Tax Forms" 

UVU Payroll Web Page 

  • Access the UVU Payroll Web page at
  • Select the “Taxes” tab
  • Select your employment relationship under "Electronic Form W-2", active employee or terminated/retired employee 
  • Enter your UV ID and myUVU Password and select “Login” * 
  • If directed to myUVU, select "employees" tab and "Payroll and Time Clock" and "Electronic W-2"
  • Select “Electronic Form W-2”

Direct Access 

Revoke Consent

Employees that would prefer a paper W-2 for the 2021 tax year have the option to revoke their consent to receive an electronic W-2.  To revoke your consent to receive an electronic W-2, use the same access options listed above for retrieving your electronic W-2 or click the link below and complete the revoke consent statement (employees that revoke consent will receive a paper W-2 for future W-2s only). 

Note: Your signed revoke consent statement must be received by the UVU Payroll Office (room HF101 or MS-109), by the end of December 2021 to ensure you will receive a paper W-2 for the 2021 tax year. Once 2021 W-2s have been issued by the University, you will no longer have the option to receive a paper W-2 for the 2021 tax year.

Revoke Consent to Receive Form W-2 Electronically