About PBA

What is PBA?

Utah Valley University utilizes an internally developed Planning, Budgeting, and Assessment (PBA) process to guide resource allocations. This annual PBA process connects the resource allocation decision making process with university and divisional assessment, planning, priorities, and initiatives. PBA is founded on the concept that “a budget is a map guiding an institution on its journey in pursuit of its mission.” (College & University Budgeting, NACUBO) Resource allocations support UVU’s mission, Core Themes, and Administrative Imperatives. The PBA process promotes accountability, collaboration, communication, efficiency, equity and transparency.


PBA Cycle Illustration

PBA Cycle

PBA Coordination Committee

Member Title Phone Extension
Linda Makin (Chair)

Ellen Sweat

Susan Palmer

Stacy Fowler 
Marc Jorgensen
Vice President of Planning, Budget, & Human Resources

Director, Budget Office

Budget Analyst, Budget Office

Administrative Assistant, Planning,Budget & HR  
Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning