Our Mission

Peace and Justice Studies (PJST) is designed to prepare students for domestic and international peacebuilding. This interdisciplinary program promotes analytical and experiential scholarship that addresses economic, sociological, demographic, ideological, cultural, psychological, and political contexts of violence. PJST cultivates critical understanding of theories and methods of conflict transformation and prevention, reconciliation, human security, sustainable development, and justice.


The program encourages active participation by students and faculty in academic programs, relevant campus events, research, international study and scholarship, and scholarly publications. Dedicated faculty, committed to student success and engagement, prepare students for compassionate life styles, graduate studies, and professional lives in peace- and justice-related fields.

Our tumultuous and demanding times call for professionals who build peace and justice in limitless ways. Peace and justice studies is an exciting discipline experiencing explosive growth. Welcome to our website and the director´s message. Please take the time to learn about peace and justice studies at UVU and the exciting opportunities we have for you here and abroad.
UVU is proud to offer the opportunity for students to earn a Minor in Peace and Justice Studies, or declare the program as one of their Integrated Studies emphases.

We also sponsor a number of Study Abroad opportunities. These opportunities include Cuba.

Dr. Lynn England
Email: Lynn.England@uvu.edu
Phone: (801) 863-8119
Utah Valley University
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