The PJST Minor

The UVU Peace and Justice Studies Minor consists of three required courses and 12 credits worth of elective requirements.

Required Courses

PJST 3000: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies

PJST 3400: Conflict Transformation: Resolution and Sustainable Peace

PJST 4910: PJST Research or Service Capstone

Elective Requirements

In addition to the courses listed here, others are available and are constantly becoming available. Other courses not listed may be taken for PJST credit with the approval of the PJST advisor.

PJST 3020: The Ethics of War and Peace

HIST 4300: Violence and Social Conflict in Latin America

HIST 3850: Struggle for Self-Determination: American Indians 1891 to the Present

HIST 4130: Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

HIST 3520: U.S. and Vietnam, 1945 to the Present

HIST 3540: The History of South Africa

HIST 3430: Middle East History, 1914 to the Present

HIST 4140: Genocide in the 20th Century

POLS 3100: Survey of International Terrorism

ANTH 4180: Power, Economy, and People

BIOL 3800: Conservation Biology

CJ 4160: Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities

CJ 4200: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

CJ 4700: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

HIST/GEOG 3800: Environmental History of the U.S.

HIST 4600: Contemporary Indian Political and Social Issues

POLS 3500: International Relations of the East Asia

POLS 3590: American Indian Law and Tribal Government

PSY 3750: Child Abuse/Neglect and Domestic Violence

SOC 3450: Environmental Sociology

SOC 3200: Race and Minority Relations

SOC 3460: Political Sociology

SOC 3700: Social Inequality

ANTH/PSY/SOC 3620: Intercultural Relations

COMM/LEGL/PSY 3410: Fundamentals of Mediation and Negotiation

COMM/LEGL/PSY 4100: Advanced Mediation and Negotiation

LEGL/PSY 3150: Survey of Dispute Resolution

LEGL/PSY 4200: Domestic Mediation

PHIL 451R: Gandhi, King, Marx, West and Prophetic Politics

PHIL 3530: Environmental Ethics

PHIL 3700: Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 3720: Theories of Justice

PHIL 3540: Christian Ethics

PHIL 3150: Philosophical Issues in Feminism

PHIL 3750 Marxist Philosophy