Equity, inclusion, and diversity have long been objectives for UVU People & Culture. Recent events across our nation have highlighted the ongoing and harmful oppression of Black people and other minority groups in this country. As a result, we are turning inward to review our responsibility and engagement with our values.

We publicly renew our commitment to maintaining equity, inclusion, and diversity as critical objectives and we invite our community to hold us accountable in actualizing this commitment by meeting the specific goals and objectives outlined below and in the UVU Inclusion Plan.


Utah Valley University People & Culture is committed to creating a work environment and organizational culture that celebrates diversity in the form of age, gender, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and every other unique characteristic that brings perspective to our workforce. Our goal to cultivate a campus climate based on integrity, respect, equal opportunity, and inclusion begins with our People & Culture team commitments:

  • UVU Workforce Planning is committed to ensuring hiring pools include diverse, qualified candidates through the utilization of Search Advocacy and UVU Hire training along with job postings across multiple recruiting platforms to reach a larger and more diverse applicant pool. We are also committed to providing a total rewards program to attract, develop, retain, and reward a highly qualified and diverse workforce.
  • UVU ADA endeavors to provide reasonable accommodations and to ensure equal access to qualified university job applicants, employees, or visitors with disabilities and those with sincerely held religious beliefs requesting religious accommodations.
  • UVU Benefits is committed to offering a comprehensive benefits package that supports the employee and their family’s overall physical and mental health, protects their income in the case of unforeseen illness and life events, and assists them in building financial security for retirement. We commit to yearly reviewing the benefits package and reassessing coverage where possible to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.
  • UVU Training partners with the UVU Diversity and Inclusion Committee to provide training to promote inclusion across the university. We commit to providing training that includes aspects of Search Advocacy for hiring committees, avoiding microaggressions, and diversity and inclusion to build an inviting, safe, and supportive environment for people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We commit to increase the number of diversity and inclusion training opportunities by 5% each year and increase the number of employees trained by 3% each year.

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  • UVU acknowledges the need for increased diversity at UVU, and we recognize the bias that exists in all of us that can impede this growth. We commit to working with our Diversity and Inclusion office to be aware of existing and ongoing challenges at UVU and continue to support the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action office in its mission to promptly address concerns of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. We are committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of diversity and inclusion at UVU by repeating the invitation to come as you are, we have a place for you.
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